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Suits EP Talks Episode 100's Shocking Propositions for Louis and Donna

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Suits‘ Louis and Donna both found themselves receiving scandalous propositions during the show’s 100th episode on Wednesday — but their final decisions couldn’t have been more different.

For Louis, the question was: Should he oblige his ex Sheila’s request for one last fling before her wedding? Although he was initially conflicted, the lawyer eventually decided to go for it. That choice is going to have “ramifications” not just in the next two episodes, but also “moving forward in the back half of this season,” executive producer Aaron Korsh says.

Suits Spoilers Episode 100In the more immediate future, Louis is “probably going to be feeling a lot of conflicted feelings” about what he did, Korsh shares. “He’s probably going to be feeling some guilt, some shame, but also some happiness and some pleasure.”

Meanwhile, Donna had lunch with her ex-boyfriend Mark, who revealed that he wants to give their relationship another try. The catch? He’s married, but unhappily. Donna rejected his invitation to meet up at a hotel, but after running into Harvey’s girlfriend Paula in the office, she seemed to have a change of heart.

“Donna’s a human being,” Korsh notes. “It’s one thing to accept in theory what’s happening between Harvey and Paula, but to be surprised in your own workspace, to all of a sudden see her, it throws her a little bit. For a moment, she succumbs to feelings of, ‘Everyone else is happy and has someone in their life, and I’m going to take him up on his offer.'”

But just as she was knocking on Mark’s door, she received a text from Rachel, telling her that she deserves the best. With that little reminder, Donna realized “this was a momentary slip, and this isn’t what she wants,” Korsh explains. “She is better than this.”

Although she made the choice to move on, Donna “was obviously feeling something, and was affected [in] some way by the Mark situation,” Korsh adds. “There’s no doubt that the whole Mark interaction is going to affect Donna’s headspace and some actions that she takes through the rest of [this season] and then even into the back six [episodes].”

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