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Lena Dunham, Emma Roberts' Cult Characters Revealed, More AHS Scoop

AHS Cult Spoilers

The next time you see Lena Dunham on the small screen, she’ll be playing a very different sort of girl.

American Horror Story: Cult creator Ryan Murphy on Friday confirmed that the Girls star will play Valerie Solanas, the woman who infamously shot artist Andy Warhol in June 1968, in an upcoming episode of the FX anthology’s seventh season, premiering Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10/9c.

Following a press screening of the new season’s first three episodes, Murphy explained that Valerie will be introduced into the story via a series of flashbacks to some of history’s greatest cult leaders, all of whom will be played by Evan Peters, who also plays a present-day cult leader in Season 7.

“Throughout the season, [Peters is] playing six different cult leaders: Kai, Manson, David Koresh, Andy Warhol, Jim Jones — that’s a big one,” Murphy said. “We really examine how those people rise to power. … They really are idiots. … Lena is doing an episode called ‘Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins, Scum Bag.’ That episode is about female rage then and in the country now. Valerie Solanas created a thing called the SCUM Manifesto in which she told all women to kill all men [in order to achieve equal power.] We also examine our female characters as they’re trying to figure out a way they can have equal power within this cult that Kai has created.”

In addition to Dunham’s character, Murphy also dropped the following nuggets of scoop during the conversation:

* Murphy confirmed that, unlike every other season, there will be no supernatural elements in Cult. (It’s all people, people!)

* Emma Roberts will play a newscaster named Serina Belinda who gets a promotion above Adina Porter’s character “simply because she’s much more superficial and willing to do what it takes to survive.” Murphy said that Roberts did one episode “as a favor,” carving some time out of her busy movie schedule.

* Murphy believes that most of AHS‘ former cast members — including Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates — will be back someday.

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