Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Trailer: New Enemies, New Allies, New Hair

“I’m not interested in saving the world anymore,” Austin Butler’s character says atop the first trailer for The Shannara Chronicles‘ second season — you know, as if he has a choice.

Released on Thursday, the trailer for Season 2 — which picks up one year after the events of Season 1 — introduces a new force of darkness threatening the Four Lands, one that can only be stopped by the Sword of Shannara. And, naturally, it appears that Wil Ohmsford is the one destined to wield it.

In addition to his new haircut — oh, you didn’t think we’d comment on that? — Wil is joined by several new allies, including a sword-swinging lady named Lyria (Finding Carter‘s Vanessa Morgan) and another newcomer named Mareth (The Vampire Diaries‘ Malese Jow), who comes equipped with a spear. Or a javelin. Or a… scepter? (Honestly, this is Shannara. It could be anything.)

The second season of The Shannara Chronicles arrives Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 10/9c on Spike TV. Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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