Project Runway Recap: Was the Right Designer Trashed in Week 2?

Project Runway Recap

This week’s Project Runway was literal garbage — and I’m not just talking about Shawn’s attitude.

Frankly, no one was excited when Tim Gunn announced that the 15 remaining designers would be working in teams of five to create collections out of recycled and discarded materials, but that’s just the name of the game. You do what you’re told, and you try to do it well. Unless, of course, your name is Shawn.

Her team, which lost the challenge — surprise! — suffered greatly as a result of her nonsense. “I’m struggling because, last week, I was in the bottom,” she announced fairly early on. “Now I have the triple whammy of a team challenge, a unique material challenge and my first time working with a plus-size model. I’m really overwhelmed right now.” For the record, as guest-judge Maggie Q would tactfully correct Shawn, her model wasn’t as big as she was making her out to be: “If you think that’s curvy, you’re going to have a real problem designing in the United States,” she told her.

(A few more side questions regarding Shawn’s tantrum: When Claire told her, “Don’t let the bastards get you down,” who exactly was she talking about? Because I’m pretty sure Shawn was her own worst enemy in this instance. Secondly, why did Shawn go after Samantha for her braided top — which Tim loved, by the way — when she, herself, had barely finished her work? This week’s challenge was definitely a learning experience for her.)

Fortunately for Shawn, her meltdown didn’t completely destroy her. Though she did end up in the bottom two this week, it was Sentell who was sent packing as a result of his hot mess of a dress, which judge Zac Posen said looked like “a leprechaun went dumpster diving.” The upside? At least Sentell gets to spend some time with his husband, with whom he swapped vows the day before leaving to be on Project Runway.

OK, let’s end by focusing on this week’s positives: Team “Ballin’ on a Budget” — whose members included Kenya, Brandon, Batani, Aaron and Ayana — crushed the challenge. Not only did the team work together nicely, but everything was cohesive. And while I might have named Brandon the winner for those pants alone, it was Ayana who left the runway with well-deserved top honors.

Do you think Sentell deserved to go home? And was Ayana the true winner? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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