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Chicago P.D. Boss Talks How Lindsay’s Exit Will Affect Halstead and Voight

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A major loss is blowing through the Windy City on Chicago P.D., and it will be felt across the Intelligence unit.

When the Season 5 premiere picks up, Detective Erin Lindsay (exiting series regular Sophia Bush) will have, indeed, moved on to a position at the FBI’s New York counter-terrorism unit, new showrunner Rick Eid tells TVLine. Despite “a bit of a [time] jump,” the episode will, “emotionally, in many ways, pick up from where” last May’s cliffhanger left off, with Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Jay Halstead and her surrogate father Hank Voight still coping with her sudden departure.

“She’s an important part of the show and in the character’s lives, so whatever makes sense for the characters is how we address it,” says Eid, adding that Lindsay’s absence will be handled “deftly and elegantly.”

For Halstead, the fact that Lindsay left is particularly “tough” because he was planning to propose to his ex, unbeknownst to her. Given the circumstances surrounding her leave and the significance of their relationship, “maybe [Halstead doesn’t] just deal with it in one episode,” Eid shares.

In the meantime, the detective will be partnered with Det. Hailey Upton (new series regular Tracy Spiridakos), but there’s no need to worry about a possible romance between the pair just yet. (“It’s just [a] partnership,” Spiridakos assures us. “I know people have been asking, ‘So is there going to be…?’ I’m like, ‘No.’ I mean, not that I know of.”)

As for Voight, even though he encouraged Lindsay to take the new job, “I don’t think it’s an easy loss at all” for the sergeant, Eid says. “It’s probably, in many ways, just as hard, if not harder [for him than it is for Halstead]. She was like a daughter to him.” And although both men have lost the same person, they are “different characters, and they deal with loss in a different way,” Eid adds.

Chicago P.D. returns for Season 5 on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 10/9c on NBC.

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