Teen Wolf Recap: Evil Shows Its Face(s)

Teen Wolf Recap

I hope you’re a fan of fake-outs, because Sunday’s (second) episode of Teen Wolf had ’em in spades!

The hour began with Theo — fake-out No. 1, he’s not dead! — being tortured by a hunter alongside a pair of wolves from Satomi’s pack. Things looked pretty bleak for the three captives, until Theo discovered that he could break free of his chains by goading the hunter to crank up the electricity, thus melting the metal and enabling him to bust loose.

In true bad-ass fashion, Theo left the hunter tied to the electric fence, and all seemed well — that is, until Sheriff Stilinski hauled all three of the wolves off to the police station… on murder charges. Scott did his best to convince the sheriff to let the wolves go, but he refused (rules is rules!), adding that he didn’t believe any of his own deputies could be secretly working for Gerard.

Stilinski eventually realized the error in his judgement, but only after the hunters surrounded the police station and demanded the release of Satomi’s wolves into their custody, dead or alive. The demand came complete with one of Ms. Monroe’s ludicrous speeches about releasing a little pressure to avoid a massive earthquake — because she’s apparently also a geologist now.

Then came fake-out No. 2: Scott & Co. tried to convince Monroe that they’d killed Satomi’s wolves — the body bags and bloody faces were both excellent touches, might I add — but she wasn’t buying it. Fortunately, Scott’s dad (!) showed up to de-escalate the situation, which was about to become an all-out bloodbath. (To be fair, two members of the Beacon Hills PD killed themselves during the madness, so it was more of a blood sprinkle in the end.)

Fake-out No. 3, the biggest of all, was saved for last. After much back-and-forth between all parties involved, everyone in Scott’s pack agreed to leave town to avoid more bloodshed — only did they didn’t actually leave! “What did you think we were going to do?” Scott asked a rightfully confused Mason in the episode’s closing moment. “Run?”

In other news, we finally got some answers about that corpse-looking fiend that’s been stirring up trouble these past few weeks. Because I tend to understand very little on this show — and I feel like I’m not alone — let’s just have Deaton break it down for us:

“[It’s] an ancient shapeshifter, a creature of disharmony. It can turn neighbor against neighbor, sewing the seeds of discord and hate. It doesn’t need fangs, it doesn’t need claws. It uses something far more sinister: [fear]. When paranoia turns to anger and anger turns to violence, entire communities tear themselves apart. The creature feeds off the fear and grows more powerful. It’s called the Anuk Ite. … It’s sometimes also called ‘Double Face’ or ‘Two Faces.’ One’s beautiful, the other is hideous, which is why it represents disharmony and discord. … Two faces may mean two creatures. And when they come together, they’ll be unstoppable.”

For the record, it took a lot of Googling to figure out the spelling of “Anuk Ite.” (And I’m pretty sure I got it right.)

Additional bites to chew on…

* I’m wary of new characters on Teen Wolf — we’ve seen enough come and go at random to know it’s silly to get attached — but Froy Gutierrez is killing it as Nolan, consistently delivering one of the show’s more complicated, layered performances.

* Because I’m fully on Scalia Watch this season, can we talk about how Malia grabbed Scott’s hand when she stopped by his house to “leave town”? I wasn’t initially rooting for them to get together, but they’re just being so damn cute.

* Speaking of cute, I also loved Mason and Corey’s “goodbye” scene. (“This time, let me protect you.”)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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