Teen Wolf Recap: Public School Enemy

Teen Wolf Recap

It took Teen Wolf a few years, but Sunday’s (first) episode finally delivered a scene more disturbing than that time Jackson pulled a snake out of his eye.

The latest gross-out moment came during the episode’s cold open, when Aaron sauntered into the morgue and puked a bunch of spiders onto the yet-unnamed villainous corpse — the one Ryan Kelley refers to as “Pulpy” — and brought it back to life. I think. (Honestly, I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going on here, and neither should you.)

Speaking of people coming back to life, Scott spent a good chunk of his morning trying to convince Liam — still recovering from that time a bunch of Beacon Hills randos saw him wolf-out in public — to get out of bed and go to school. (Side question: Does anyone else think Liam looks like the monkey kid from Jumanji when he changes?) It was a success, but just as Liam feared, his fellow classmates were less-than-happy to see his were-ass back in the hallway.

In fact, Liam’s supposed “teammates” treated him worse than anyone. With Nolan leading the charge, the big bad lacrosse bros of BHHS forced him off the team, then proceeded to beat the crap out of him in front of the entire school — including that no-good chemistry teacher of theirs. It wasn’t until Coach showed up that the beatdown finally ceased, though I have to hand it to Liam for refraining from changing during the fight. Maybe he’s got what it takes to lead Scott’s pack, after all.

Meanwhile, Lydia — in true badass form, might I add — convinced Ms. Monroe to set up a meeting between Gerard and Scott, one that didn’t quite go according to plan. As it turns out, Ms. Monroe has a very good reason for wanting to decrease Beacon Hills’ wolf population: She was left for dead during a bloody melee between Scott’s pack and the Beast (aka Mason!) last season. “You didn’t care,” she told Scott. “How many people had to die so you could keep your secret?!” (I’m not switching sides, but you have to admit she’s got a point.)

Things got even worse when the aforementioned corpse guy showed up, amplifying everyone’s fear. Parrish was able to put it down (for now), but come on, we all know this isn’t over yet.

Additional *ahem* bites:

* Scott and Malia exchanged more awkwardly adorable banter in this episode, though a kiss has yet to be seen. Are we ready?!

* If Ms. Monroe didn’t want Liam to figure out her little secret, she probably shouldn’t have left a book titled The Supernatural Afterlife just chilling in her office.

* The kids at BHHS, while scared of werewolves, don’t seem all that surprised by them. Does everybody know about ‘wolves now?

Your thoughts on this week’s first episode? We’ll have a recap of the second hour in a little bit — for now, drop a comment with your full review.

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