Lin-Manuel Miranda, James Corden Strip Down for Hair Crosswalk Musical

This is the crosswalk where it happened.

Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda let the sunshine in on Thursday, joining Late Late Show host James Corden for an impromptu production of the Broadway show Hair.

The two Tony winners strip down for the latest installment of “Crosswalk the Musical,” a segment which typically finds Corden, his inflated ego and a very special guest performing full-on productions of some of America’s most beloved stage shows when L.A. traffic lights turn red.

Corden, who is initially excited to tell his acting troupe about Miranda’s involvement, quickly grows jealous when one of his background actors insists that he’s seen Hamilton 20 times. Corden then suggests they all partake in an orgy to get in the full “peace and love” spirit of the 1960s, an idea which is met with the appropriate awkward silence.

“In a lot of ways, I feel like everything I’ve done has been leading up to this point,” Miranda says when interviewed about the musical. “For seven years when I was writing Hamilton, all I could think was, ‘This is big enough. I might get on the crosswalk.'” And get on the crosswalk he did, but not before a pep talk from Corden.

“Remember, this could be it for you,” Corden tells Miranda. “This could launch you in the theatre.”

From there, the duo go on to perform a selection of tracks from the Broadway show, including “Aquarius” and the titular “Hair.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Corden and Miranda’s production of Hair, then drop a (high) note below.