Fall TV Preview

Saturday Night Live Season 43 Host Speculation: Gal Gadot? Tina Fey? Millie Bobby Brown? Hillary Clinton?!

TV-MAHillary Clinton is gearing up for a promotional blitz in support of the Sept. 12 release of What Happened, her election-themed tell-all. Saturday Night Live — coming off of its most successful season ever — is surely on the prowl for a buzzy, politically-tinged host to kick off its new season in late September.

I invite you to do the math. Actually, I’ll do it for you: Hillary Clinton is going to appear in SNL‘s Season 43 premiere — either as the actual host or just a Very Special Guest Star. Mark my words. 

Alright, so I don’t have any actual intel that President Trump’s nemesis will be going “Live! From New York!” next month — Lorne Michaels protects hosting announcements like HBO guards Game of Thrones episodes (OK, bad example). It’s just a gut feeling I have mixed with a dash of common sense. I could be wrong. And if I am? I still come out a winner, and here’s why: The guessing game that is trying to figure out who the first batch of SNL hosts will be in any given season remains one of my favorite annual pastimes. (It’s be even more fun if SNL didn’t have an anti-TV star bias, but I digress...) So, who else is my trusty crystal ball telling me will lord over Studio 8H this fall? I thought you’d never ask…

Gal Gadot | The undisputed queen of the summer, Gadot’s Wonder Woman broke box office records and glass ceilings. She should start gassing up her invisible jet to New York now.

Ryan Gosling | Blade Runner 2049 opens Oct. 6. You do the math. Actually, I’ll do it for you. On second thought, I’m tired of doing all the heavy lifting. Go ahead and do it yourself.

Millie Bobby Brown | Stranger Things‘ returns with Season 2 on Oct. 27 and, in addition to being the Netflix drama’s breakout star, Brown is also an incredibly versatile performer (she sings! she’s got jokes!) — as her 3.9 million Instagram followers can attest.

Tiffany Haddish | If Gadot is the undisputed queen of the summer, then the Girls Trip scene-stealer is most certainly its princess. SNL would be wise to strike while this iron is hot.

Tina Fey | The SNL legend is not only an EP on NBC’s Great News (which returns with its second season on Sept. 28), but she’s now also one of its cast members. In other words, she has every reason to go to there SNL this fall.

Sterling K. Brown | This Is Us is broadcast-TV’s biggest hit in years, and it just so happens to air on the same network as SNL. I can see any of one of the show’s five talented leads taking the Studio 8H reins in Season 43, but my money’s on the insanely versatile and buzzy Brown (who wowed the TCA Awards crowd in a duet with Kristin Chenoweth) getting first crack at it.

Larry David | Curb Your Enthusiasm is back on Oct. 1. No math necessary — this one adds itself up.