Teen Wolf Boss Talks Scott and Malia's 'Unexpected' Pairing: 'I Was Hesitant'

Teen Wolf Scott Malia

After Sunday’s Teen Wolf, there’s no point denying it anymore: “Scalia” is happening.

Even if we hadn’t already seen footage of Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig’s characters sharing a shower in the trailer for Season 6B, it was impossible to overlook the brief spark they ignited towards the end of Sunday’s episode, laying the groundwork for something more.

During a tense moment, while Malia was attempting to take away Scott’s pain, he assured her that Stiles (aka her ex-boyfriend and his best friend) would be OK with them. Unfortunately, he passed out before he got a chance to explain what he meant by that.

“I was hesitant to do it at first,” executive producer Jeff Davis admits to TVLine. “We actually tested the waters between them in a scene in Episode 609. [Tyler and Shelley] were both up for the challenge.”

Davis knows there will be fans who oppose the new ‘ship, perhaps wishing that Scott and Malia could each reconnect with characters they’ve previously dated. To that, he says:

“The idea of there being one true love for everyone is nice, but it’s not realistic. Things happen in life that bring people together in unexpected ways. We’re big fans of going for the unexpected.”

What say you, Teen Wolf fans? Are you excited to see where things go between Scott and Malia? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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