Teen Wolf Recap: Fear and Loathing in Beacon Hills — Who Died This Time?

Teen Wolf Recap

Beacon Hills’ newest hunters claimed their first big kill on Sunday’s Teen Wolf. (Well, the first big kill we actually sort of care about, anyway.)

‘Twas poor Brett Talbot — he of the eight-pack abs — who died in the episode’s closing moments, run down by one of the hunters’ enormous, eco-unfriendly SUVs after spending the entire hour on the run.

But no one — not even Brett’s sister, who’s apparently been part of this show for three seasons, unbeknownst to me — took Brett’s death as hard as Liam. The young leader-in-training let out a ferocious roar to mourn his fallen were-bro, one that freaked the hell out of a bunch of (mostly) innocent bystanders. It would appear that Lydia’s premonition, about the people of Beacon Hills turning on the pack out of fear, is already coming true.

And because nothing on this show happens by accident, Grandpappy Argent made sure to accept all of the credit for the chaos. “You set this up,” Ms. Monroe noted. “Is this part of the lesson?” To which Gerard replied, “Everything’s a lesson, every moment with me. And if there’s one thing you learned today, it’s this: The best way to build an army is through fear.”

But it wasn’t all gloom and doom this week. In fact, we should probably talk about that moment between Scott and Malia — you know, the one neither of them realized was about to turn romantic… until it was too late:

Malia: We should have called Stiles!
Scott: No, we promised we wouldn’t.
Malia: It was a stupid promise.
Scott: We almost lost him last time.
Malia: Yeah, and now I’m going to lose you, too.
Scott: You? You’re going to lose…?
Malia: Yeah, me, all of us. You know what I mean.
Scott: Yeah, I think so.
Malia: And, you know, Stiles wouldn’t be OK with this. If he knew all of the things we were trying to do without him, he’d kill us.
Scott: I think he’d be OK.
Malia: With this?
Scott: With us.
Malia: What do you mean? … No, no, don’t pass out. I don’t think you’re supposed to pass out. Plus, I’m really confused by what we’re talking about. So, Scott, wake up!

I’ll have some of executive producer Jeff Davis’ thoughts on Scott and Malia’s budding romance (?) tomorrow, but for now, can we just take a moment to let this interaction sink in?

Elsewhere this week…

* Scott and Malia may be inching their way towards… something… but no Beacon Hills pairing is hotter right now than Melissa McCall and Chris Argent. Hell, those two can even make a casual encounter over a burnt corpse into a romantic moment. And I love that she’s the one calling the shots now: “You don’t have go to.” (And he didn’t!)

* In less romantic news, what is up with newbie Nolan? I mean, I remember getting stressed out while studying in high school, but I never stabbed a kid in the hand just to see how quickly it would heal. Fortunately, Corey healed almost immediately — but that’s not the point! That kid is trouble.

Your thoughts on Sunday’s Teen Wolf? Hopes for the rest of the season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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