Raven-Symoné Teases 'Throwback' Episode of Raven's Home: Who Should Return? (Plus, Watch a New Clip)

Raven's Home Throwback Episode

The Baxter brood may specialize in seeing the future, but longtime fans of the Disney Channel franchise will be happy to hear that Raven’s Home is also preparing to peek into the past.

“We’re not doing any flashbacks [to That’s So Raven], but we are going to be having a throwback episode,” star Raven-Symoné tells TVLine. “I was talking to the writers, and I was like, ‘This is our chance to really touch on certain things and bring back characters and ideas in a different way. We can use people’s memories to make a situation better.'”

The actress, who also serves as an executive producer, admits she’s “not good with backstory,” so it’s hard for her to currently imagine where many fan-favorite characters from That’s So Raven have ended up. That said, there are a few names she’d love to see back on the call sheet: “You’ve got the Boyz N Motion, you have [Raven’s parents] Victor and Tanya, that crazy psychic community she met that one time, all the teachers — so many people.”

Below, the actress fields more of TVLine’s burning questions about the future of Raven’s Home. But first, watch an exclusive sneak peek of Friday’s episode (8/7c):

TVLINE | You could have gone in any direction with Raven and Chelsea’s adult lives. Why was it important for you to show them both as divorced single moms?
It appealed to me because they’re in the working class. It also shows that you can be friends with someone for a really long time, even since middle school. Society sometimes portrays female friendships as catty, but that’s not what Chelsea and Raven are all about. When they have disagreements, they work through them. It may take a minute, just like anyone, but we know that our friendship is more important than any problem that ends up on our doorstep.

TVLINE | Raven’s ex-husband recently showed up on that doorstep. And I’m no marriage counselor, but she and Devon seem to get along pretty well. Why did they split?
[Laughs] You haven’t seen that episode. You know, they get along because not all divorces have to end in bloodshed. [Divorced parents] can co-exist. Their kids are first. I think Raven and Devon broke up right before it turned real bad. So they can still have that. There’s a fun scene coming up in an episode soon where it’s like, “Will they? … Nah, they’re not going to do that.”

TVLINE | OK, so Booker and Nia shouldn’t be getting their hopes up about a reunion.
We do have an episode coming up where the kids talk about their feelings about their dad. And hopefully we get more seasons. Given that there’s so much backstory [between That’s So Raven and now], 10 years of “missing information,” you never know what could happen.

TVLINE | Is she looking for a new relationship?
She’s a single mom, but she’s not looking right now. She has to work and raise these kids with Chelsea. There won’t be any dating in this first season.

TVLINE | Career-wise, I’m glad to see she’s working in fashion. When you look back at the clothes on That’s So Raven, what are your thoughts? 
“That’s awesome!” You know, it was a 15-year-old girl making her own clothing, doing it all herself. Whatever she felt or we felt or the costumers and I felt would be fun for the character, we would just go HAM.

TVLINE | I feel like the only thing more iconic than Raven’s clothes was her vision look. Do you remember the conversation where you first figured out what that would be?
I do remember that conversation. It was with my acting coach at the time. It was tricky, because it couldn’t be too much or too little. I was pleasantly surprised with [Issac Ryan Brown’s] first vision. He came prepared.

TVLINE | Will he ever be prepared to tell Raven about his visions? And what inspired you to have him keep that secret?
It’s another piece to this really big puzzle. The writers insisted, and I was down for the cause. If we get more seasons, it can add some fun to it. As of right now, it’s about the kids. Him telling Raven about his visions probably comes a little bit later.

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