SNL's Weekend Update Casts Bill Hader as Anthony Scaramucci — WATCH

Sorry, Mario Cantone: There’s a new Anthony Scaramucci in town.

Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader made his debut as the ex-White House staffer on Thursday, FaceTiming into the season premiere of Weekend Update: Summer Edition to speak with hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che.

“I heard you two nutless, liberal a—wipes mention my name earlier, and when I hear my name three times I appear like a Goombah Beetlejuice,” Hader’s Mooch began. Asked if he was surprised he only lasted 11 days on the job, he responded, “Hell no!,” before defending the explicit conversation he had with a reporter for The New Yorker. “I guess people didn’t like it when I said — and let me see if I can clean this up for primetime — that Steve Bannon was trying to ‘S’ his own ‘C.’ And by the by, I was completely misquoted. I didn’t say Bannon tried to ‘S’ his own ‘C.’ He did it! He made contact! I saw it! Tongue to tip. Next question!”

Scaramucci had been the butt of many jokes before Hader turned up mid-episode. Jost acknowledged early on that the Mooch “barely got the tip in” before he was let go, and compared the man to “Chanukah in July, because he was around for about a week and it’s a miracle he lasted that long.”

The Weekend Update premiere also featured a visit from Alex Moffat and Mikey Day, who reprised their roles as Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. The latter addressed his infamous meeting with Russian officials, while Eric was distracted by a fidget spinner. (Yeah, I think it’s safe to say these two newcomers are staying put for Season 43.) Kenan Thompson later turned up as father to the Los Angeles Lakers’ Lonzo Ball. Leslie Jones then put in an appearance to talk with Jost about her new workout regime and “Michelle Obama arms.”

This of course isn’t the first time Update has aired in primetime. In October 2008, Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler presided over Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday in the weeks leading up to the election between Barack Obama and John McCain. It returned for an additional six episodes in 2009, followed by a brief comeback in September 2012.

What did you think of the Weekend Update premiere? Sad that this could very well be the only time we see Bill Hader’s impersonation of the Mooch? Grade the first installment via the following poll, then sound off in the comments below.