Carmichael Show Series Finale Recap: Did the NBC Comedy Go Out on Top?

The Carmichael Show was cancelled back in June, forcing Wednesday’s double-header to serve as a makeshift series finale for the critically acclaimed comedy.

THE BIG THREE | The hour kicks off with Jerrod and Maxine at a restaurant, celebrating their three-year anniversary. The topic of marriage comes up, and Maxine says that she doesn’t want a big wedding; she’d prefer to take a trip down to the courthouse to make things official. This, of course, becomes a reality later in the episode.

Out for drinks, Jerrod and Maxine are chatting up a woman named Jessica, who Jerrod is convinced wants the evening to culminate in a threesome. He’s right. What’s more, Maxine is very into the idea. Jerrod and Maxine then compliment Jessica on her eyes, prompting their flirty new acquaintance to kiss Maxine. She then turns to Jerrod and kisses him, too. Yeah, it’s on.

Jessica goes home with Maxine and Jerrod for a little “Westworld and chill,” but fails to take the hint when Maxine wants her to leave the following morning. Jerrod then tells her to hit the bricks, and not a moment too soon. Joe, Cynthia and Bobby show up uninvited mere seconds after Jessica leaves. Unfortunately, she returns just a few minutes later, having forgotten to take her bra when she left.  The ‘rents react as you’d expect they would: Joe is chauvinistically proud of his son, while he and Cynthia both put down Maxine for engaging in group sex and accuse of her being a lesbian. (Double standard, much?) And after three years of pretending their insults don’t bother her, Maxine finally stands up for herself and tells Jerrod’s folks to leave.

Later, Maxine and Jerrod have a much-needed talk, where Jerrod says that he knows he’s a bad boyfriend for never standing up for her. In turn, Maxine tells Jerrod that all she wants is for him to put as much effort into caring about her feelings as he did about their threesome. The conversation proves to be an eyeopener for Jerrod, who then tells Maxine to get dressed and wear something nice. Cut to Joe and Cynthia’s house, where Jerrod and Maxine enter to share that they’ve just gotten married!

MO’ MONEY, MO’ PROBLEMS | The second half-hour plays less like a series finale. It’s been a few weeks since Jerrod and Maxine got married. They arrive at Joe and Cynthia’s place to show off her belatedly purchased wedding ring. It’s a ridiculously expensive ruby, but Joe and Cynthia can’t help but make fun of the fact that it’s not a diamond. Bobby then enters to introduce the family to his new girlfriend: a sixty-something year-old hedge fund manager named Janet. After she leaves, Bobby tells the family that he’s in love, but Jerrod isn’t buying it. Bobby’s with Janet for her money, as proven by his brand new Rolex watch. Janet’s also buying things that Nekeisha can make use of, who rolls on in with leftover brisket she made in Bobby’s brand new slow cooker.

Because of the money, Jerrod says Janet will always have control over Bobby in their relationship. This provokes Maxine to ask Jerrod if he thinks he has control over her, since he apparently makes more money than she does. (Was anyone even aware that Jerrod works?) Jerrod, never knowing when to shut up, says that’s exactly the case. In turn, Maxine informs her husband that she has a trust fund worth $1.5 million, which she will receive once her 93-year-old grandmother dies. Jerrod, who now believes Maxine’s grandmother is one sneeze away from making his wife a millionaire, goes out and spends tens— yes, tens of thousands of dollars on extravagant purchases, including a $32,000 Rolex, a box of Cuban cigars and a life-size statue of Prince. (Seriously, how much money could Jerrod possibly have in savings?)

Later, Jerrod finds out that Bobby broke up with Janet, who wanted him to stop being friends with Nekeisha. Everyone’s reaction to the breakup makes him realize what having money does not only to him, but to his family, all of whom are ticked off at Bobby for doing away with his meal ticket. Jerrod then returns home, apologizes to Maxine for his imbecilic behavior and asks that she draw up a post-nuptial agreement so he can never get his hands on her fortune.

And that’s it, folks. Just like that, The Carmichael Show is over after 32 episodes. Now, we turn it over to you: Did the NBC comedy go out on top? Grade the final episodes via our poll, then mourn amongst yourselves in the comments section below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. evana elwin-mahdi says:

    Nbc you need to get this right and give them season four….we deserve a show that’s great…. reconsider!!!!

  2. Victoria says:


  3. Dominique Rosario says:

    I love the Carmichael show wished it wasn’t cancelled.

  4. Bailey Alexander says:

    Please bring it back it was awesome!!!!

  5. TV Gord says:

    The Carmichael Show – 2015-2017

    Family Relationships – Sex – Religion – Guns – Rape – Honesty – Euthanasia – Bill Cosby – Gentrification – The Plan B Pill – Class – Donald Trump – Eulogies – Ethics – Infidelity – The N-Word – Mass Shootings – Gender Roles – Muslims – The Prison Industry – Social Media – Money – Depression – Career Choices – Stress – Beauty – Gender Roles – Gold-digging – Threesomes

    Thanks for all the thoughts and all the laughs (not necessarily in that order).

  6. MommyJ says:

    NBC sucks at keeping great shows. Nothing ever seems to last, but NCIS and Chicago Fire. If I had the time to list all of their so called “failed shows”…you know all the shows that everyone else liked. Let’s see how long we can keep This is Us.

  7. flowerduh says:

    I’m actually surprised that the couple went through with the 3some. Most sitcoms shy away from such topics. Most of the time the couple would consider it but then the girlfriend /wife say, “I cant. I don’t want to share you……” and then the couple chickens out.

    I’m really going to miss this show. Cheers to the cast and good luck on their future endeavors.

  8. It was a consistently funny and thought provoking show. It will go down as one of the best under-rated shows of NBC recent memory.

  9. Readearslider says:

    I truly hate they cancelled this show. I loved it and it deserved a better finale then the one they showed. NBC did not publicize this show nor the actors like they should of. This show had the potential to be a hit.

  10. Tyretha Guyton says:

    I love The Carmichael show. The topics are everyday lifestyle events. It is awesome. The comedy is superb. Each person bounce off each other with there lines. Making me think about how my life events help or harm others. Another channel need to pick them up

  11. Russ says:

    Loved the show, but the last two episodes were weak. Also, the lead leaving the show is the reason is ended but his acting was stiff and he was the least funny person on the show. They could easily replace him but its his show. Give the parents their own show, best part was when they were on.

    • Patrick says:

      This show was expensive. The parents were name actors when cast, and were probably relatively expensive. Ditto Amber Stevens West. The creator/star is on the rise, and he’s getting expensive. So, the cast was pretty expensive for what is a poorly rated show bereft of serious awards. I’m sorry it was canceled, but this was a business decision.

  12. Is it too early for a reboot? Come on, Netflix!

  13. Ann says:

    NBC needs to bring back this show because it is great. I don’t know if that new Marlon Wayans show that will be replacing it is any good, but I can tell you that judging from the commercials that are, it looks like they are stereotyping the typical black family. Is this what they wanted to do?

  14. Arneta Wellswilliams says:

    Bring back the Carmichael show one of the best black tv show why cancell

  15. Tamika Love says:

    I never laughed so much watching scripted TV. I Will truely miss this thought provoking show that the times was not ready to embrace.

  16. Muriel Murdock says:

    I enjoy the different views of each individual. It expresses the older generation versus the younger. Modern day and traditional upbringings. I would like to see more of the Carmichael show. They make certain personal issues comical such as the Trump and Cosby series. Actually this show turns it into a positive outlook. I’ve been watching all the shows on my Netflix daily. I’ve seen all of them but i still find something different every time I watch the episodes again. I love the Carmichael show.

  17. dragenphoto says:

    This show died when they decided that domestic abuse against men is comedy.

  18. Rozjay says:

    NBC always get rid of the good shows! Probably replaced by something corny ad! Hope they can move to another network

  19. SeanP says:

    I said this in the other thread on ratings, but I think it bears repeating: It says volumes about the hypocritical state of network television and North American viewers that a show as brutally honest, cutting, smart and funny as the Carmichael Show is cancelled for lack of ratings. It was the only show on television today courageous enough to tackle the hot button socioeconomic and political issues facing our country head on and without apology. Perhaps that made it too controversial, dare I say “subversive”, to be accepted by so-called “progressives” and the SJW elements that have stymied frank and earnest conversation and debate on important issues facing our society today.

  20. Beverly says:

    I really like “The Carmichael Show” show. Its very comical with real life contents such as “gender transition, guns, rape, and real social change issues.” I’m sad to see that its canceled
    but I hope another Network would pick it up. There has not been any good “Black” sitcom on TV in a long time so it’s an enormous loss. Best of luck to the extremely talented cast.

  21. Chris Carr says:


  22. Demetreia Green says:

    Whatever anyone does, bring the Carmichael Show back soon, hear? Thanks in advance😊.

  23. Paulette says:

    Loved this show! Bring it back!

  24. Dre' watkins says:

    It is sad that 2 seasoned vets in Mrs.devine& Mr.grier couldn’t help the exec @nbc see the importance of real tv necessary for this day in time. The date was perfect and comedy was dead on with today’s issues. Stop thinking all tv shows must be with gimmicks and fake cooking and silly grown people looking like ?they are headed to the Grammys at 10am. .

  25. Pat decarlo says:

    Finally found an intelligent show and you guys cancel it! Hopefully it’ll end up on a cable station it’ll have a much better chance there then on regular TV where the dumb game shows go to die!!

  26. Trouble says:

    Nbc execs need to get a clue! Again they cancel a great a beloved show. Smh in my opinion not a smart move at all. Just like mysteries of Laura.

  27. Trouble says:

    The decision makers at NBC need to be cancelled! What are they thinking. Smh

  28. Frank L. says:

    The plot was, when Jerrod and Maxine have a threesome with a stranger, what could go wrong? Well how about we don’t show this kind of thing on TV? How about we don’t expose our children to this kind of behavior? How about having a show with MORALS and CHARACTER? Is that really a stretch? It seems so no a days. I’m glad a show of this caliber is now gone.

    • TV Gord says:

      Your children are up watching TV at 9pm? They want to watch a show that’s geared toward adults? It seems there are boundary problems in your own home, not on TV. Besides, if we only have television that’s suitable for children, we’d be watching My Little Pony 24 hours a day. (One more thought…you might want to check your children’s browser history and see what kind of porn they’ve been watching. Seriously, The Carmichael Show is probably the least of your worries, buddy.)

  29. Nisha says:

    I love this show! My family did not discover it until this season. We binged watched season 1 and 2 on Hulu. Just when it became a family Wednesday night tradition we find out it’s canceled. What a great show I hope another network will pick it up. Please, please bring back a season 4.

  30. Pcaples says:

    Excellent show wonderfully written cast content leave you looking for the next show so positive love it love it want it reminds me of cheers NBC you know how long g it ran…$

  31. Robin B says:

    WE REALLY ENJOYED THE CARMICHAELS, This TV show had a very funny message
    Funny Funny Funny ! The parents made the show I pray another Network PICK them up
    or you all can find in your heart to bring them BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Donna says:

    I guess TV is different in the 21st century.. the all white shows Friends, Rosanne , Seinfeld, I could go on but why bother… I suppose only white people thought they were funny. So now and all black cast isn’t worth the money? And the actual thought provoking hilarious entertaining show is cancelled…