World of Dance Finale: Which Act Took Home the $1 Million Prize?

World Of Dance Finale

The final three acts in World of Dance‘s inaugural season came together Tuesday to battle it out in the “World Final,” a grueling challenge that ended with one act walking (er, dancing?) away $1 million richer.

Les Twins got Round 1 started, delivering what judge Jennifer Lopez called “a great start to an awesome finale.” The 28-year-old Parisian duo scored 93 points with a dance set to Kygo’s “Stole the Show.”

Next up was Swing Latino, thought by judge Derek Hough to have an “edge” in the competition due to the group’s infections energy. And when you look at the 91.7 points earned by Swing Latino’s performance — set to Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga” — it’s hard to disagree with him.

Solo dancer Eva Igo brought Round 1 to a close with a routine set to Natalie Taylor’s airy cover of “In the Air Tonight.” Judge Ne-Yo said he purposely picked something out of Igo’s wheelhouse in order to release the beast raging within the 14-year-old Minnesota native — a gamble that garnered her 90 points, the lowest score in the round.

Igo soon got her shot at redemption, kicking off Round 2 with a dramatic performance set to Sia’s “Alive,” which the judges completely ate up. “That’s more like it!” Lopez told her, to which Hough added, “You are a star.” And how did the judges reward their little star? Why, with 96.3 points, of course.

Swing Latino’s second dance of the night bore similar fruit, earning the group 94.7 points. Unfortunately, the team’s combined score was just shy of Igo’s, knocking it out of the running for the $1 million prize.

And so, it all came down to Les Twins, who threw down the proverbial gauntlet with a dance set to Michael Jackson’s “Scream.” The duo nabbed a final score of 94.7, giving them a final average of 93.8 — and earning them the title of World of Dance Champions. (Congrats, boys!)

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