Seth Meyers Blasts 'Lying Hypocrite' President Trump for 17-Day Vacation

President Trump has left the White House for a 17-day “working vacation” at a New Jersey golf resort — and that’s all the ammo Seth Meyers needed for his latest Closer Look on Late Night.

“Just in case you needed more proof that he’s not really a billionaire, he takes a New Jersey vacation,” Meyers began on Monday night. “‘New Jersey vacation’ sounds like a slang term for a mafia hit job.”

But after mocking POTUS for his golfing attire (“You’re the president, not a hungover cruise director”) and the creepy way he approached a bridal party celebrating a wedding at the resort (“Is there anything scarier than Trump walking into your wedding and going, ‘Where’s the bride?'”), Meyers took a more serious tone in scolding the president for his two-week trip.

“To be clear, I’m not criticizing Trump for taking vacations. I’m criticizing him for being a lying hypocrite,” he said, after showing a series of campaign-trail clips in which Trump had attacked President Obama for taking constant golf trips.

Meyers continued: “Trump has signed no major legislation since he took office, and his White House has been in constant chaos. So, what does he think he’s done to deserve this vacation?”

Press PLAY on the video above to see Meyers’ newest Closer Look in full, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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