Shadowhunters Recap: Have We Really Seen the Last of [Spoiler]?

Shadowhunters Recap

Why am I not surprised that Clary’s brilliant idea to track down Jonathan on Monday’s Shadowhunters involved stripping Jace down to his true form (#shirtless) and going in for the world’s longest, most glowing hug?

Not that I blame her. With the Downworld in disarray and her demonic brother on the loose, Clary more than earned herself a moment to indulge the “angelic connection” she shares with Jace. The fact that her intimate plan actually worked, leading the Shadowhunters to the cemetery where Jonathan was hiding, was merely the icing on the cake.

That said, the rest of the plan proved to be anything but a cakewalk. Not only did Clary & Co. have to fend off a pack of rabid Forsaken, but Jace also suffered a nasty wound (“I just punctured your lung!”) during his one-on-one battle against Jonathan, a skirmish designed to determine “who’s the best J.C., once and for all!”

“It’s tough to do that stuff,” Will Tudor tells TVLine of his chain-heavy fight scene opposite It’s quite a grueling shoot, but it pays off in the end with how it looks.”

Of course, Jonathan didn’t remain on top for long. With an assist from Izzy, Jace got the upper hand on Clary’s sadistic sibling, stabbing him and dropping his limp corpse into the river below. As for whether we’ve actually seen the last of Jonathan, our answer will come in next week’s season finale. (Personally, I’ll be surprised if we don’t catch at least one more glimpse of Tudor’s character this season.)

And that’s just one of many questions I look forward to having answered in the finale. My list also includes: What deal did Valentine make with the Seelie Queen? (I’m guessing that he’ll get her Simon.) And why did the Seelies kidnap Maia? (I’m guessing they’ll use her to lure Simon.) The list goes on.

Other matters worth discussing…

* I don’t know which was more fun: Watching Simon freak out about how much money is being wasted on his college education (“My mom already paid the meal plan, and I don’t even eat anymore — so she’s out, like, three grand!”) or watching him nervously discussing his relationship with Maia. For the record, I love that she wouldn’t let him off the hook, asking, “But what if I like like you?” And I get that there are bigger issues at stake than the status, but man does Clary have terrible timing. Couldn’t she have walked in, like, a minute later? I really hope Simon and Maia get a chance to hash things out in next week’s finale, or else this is going to be one long hiatus.

* Speaking of complicated couples finally getting their moment on this show, we should also discuss Raphael’s long-overdue apology to Izzy at the Institute. “I’m truly sorry for everything,” he told her, after assuring her that his vampires were scouring the city for Jonathan and Valentine. “Our worlds turning against each other — it’s not quite how I pictured our paths would cross again. … I made a mistake, Isabelle. And whatever there is between us, it’s not just about craving each other’s blood.” I’m not exactly rooting for these two to get back together, so I really appreciated the closure this little chat appeared to provide.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes and fears for next week’s finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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