Divergent Franchise: Ascendant to Be Redeveloped as TV Series for Starz

The Divergent film franchise is likely moving forward — albeit in the form of a TV show.

Following last summer’s announcement that the franchise would conclude with Ascendant being redeveloped as made-for-TV movie, it is now being reported that the fourth film will be reworked as an ongoing TV series at Starz.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, a new script has been commissioned, to be written by Adam Cozad (Tarzan), who would serve as an executive producer alongside Lee Toland Krieger (Age of Adaline); the pair was initially on board to write and direct the fourth feature-length film.

When reports first surfaced that Ascendant would be redeveloped as a TV-movie, Lionsgate intended to use the fourth film as a means to launch a standalone TV series that would focus on a new set of characters in the Divergent universe. It is unclear what the focus will be now, seeing as though a TV-movie is no longer in the cards. Also not clear is whether any of the film’s stars, including Shailene Woodley and Theo James, would be willing to reprise their roles. For her part, Woodley initially balked at the idea of appearing in a made-for-TV continuation — but has since nabbed an Emmy nomination for her supporting role on HBO’s Big Little Lies.

Have at it, Divergent fans: If another movie isn’t in the works, would you satisfied with a Ascendant TV show?