Fall TV Preview

CBS' Me, Myself & I Has a Plan to Conceal Stars' Height Difference

Can 40-year-old Bobby Moynihan possibly grow up to look like John Larroquette, gaining among other things a good six inches of height in the process?

That was a recurring topic as CBS’ Me, Myself & I held court at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Tuesday. The freshman sitcom stars five-time Emmy winner Larroquette, SNL vet Moynihan and Jack Dylan Grazer as wannabe inventor Alex Riley — at age 65 in the year 2042, at age 40 in the present day and as a 14-year-old in the year 1991. Meaning, all three actors are all playing the same role, and thus theoretically growing up to be one another.

In addressing the specific visual disconnect between Moynihan and Larroquette, executive producer Dan Kopelman cited the 2014 indie Love & Mercy, in which Paul Dano and John Cusack played Beach Boy Brian Wilson at different ages. “They trusted the audience to go along with it,” he said.

For Me, Myself & I, “I never considered aging Bobby up; it was always three actors playing same role,” Kopelman added. “Honestly, it was about getting the best actor possible for the role, and we trust the audience will go along for the ride.”

Specifically regarding Larroquette’s height, Kopelman said, “In the [2042] scenes, we’ve tried to surround him with taller people, so he’s not towering over actors.” Plus, the EP noted, Larroquette and Moynihan are “never on screen together,” side by side, so “if we do our job right, you’re going to go along for the ride.”

Me, Myself & I premieres Monday, Sept. 25 at 9:30/8:30c.