The Gifted Video: Find Out Who's Who From the Stars of Fox's Mutant Drama

Want to know more about the mutants and humans inhabiting Fox’s fall drama The Gifted? Well, who better to ask than the stars themselves?

Fox hasn’t revealed a whole lot so far about the hotly anticipated Marvel comic-book series — aside from a trailer that’s racked up a measly 13 million views on YouTube — and sadly, we don’t have telepathic powers. (Yet.) So when the cast stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, our Michael Ausiello asked them to give us a quick primer on each of their characters, with each actor introducing the character seated next to them.

In the video above, True Blood alum Stephen Moyer seems to invent a new word (“mutantic”?) while describing his on-screen daughter Natalie Alyn Lind, Reign‘s Sean Teale gives us a good overview of the show’s plot — Moyer and Amy Acker play humans helping to keep mutants hidden from hostile authorities — and Coby Bell (Jace Turner) raves about Moyer’s cheekbones. Plus, Moyer and Acker talk about playing the only two characters who don’t have mutant powers… or do they?

Looking for more gifts from The Gifted cast? Press PLAY on the video above.

The Gifted premieres Monday, Oct. 2 at 9/8c on Fox.

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