SYTYCD Recap: 3 Notable Moments From The Academy's Last Day

SYTYCD Season 14

As the All-Stars got ever closer to revealing their Top 10 contestants, Monday’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance featured all the greatest hits of a Truly Dramatic Hour of Reality TV: an inspirational, episode-ending, do-or-die dance routine; an unfortunate stumble by a contestant that seemed destined for the winner’s circle; and, of course, a minor injury that became a major plot point of the installment.

Throughout these 60 minutes, the All-Stars narrowed their teams down from three to two contestants after watching them complete a tricky jazz combination. Then, each pro danced alongside their finalists, one at a time, in an effort to ease the decision of who they’ll take to the Top 10.

Below, let’s recap the aforementioned highlights from Monday’s hour:

THE INJURY | While the remaining dancers are practicing Sonya Tayeh’s jazz choreography, Robert Roldan’s semifinalist Jennifer gets clocked in the head by a fellow contestant, prompting her to rush off the stage immediately. Her injury isn’t life-threatening, but it does result in a mean cut above one eyebrow — and when Jennifer hears from the doctor that any further dancing will open the wound further, she decides to leave the competition altogether, skipping the crucial jazz performance to get stitches at the hospital. Jennifer takes it all in stride, though, admitting that she’s excited to have a badass scar on her brow. Accentuate the positive, people.

THE STUMBLE | Perhaps I’m making this bullet point needlessly dramatic — something I learned from Fox’s marketing department, no doubt. But after her astounding audition and (presumably) terrific run at The Academy, it was disappointing to see Kaylee “Impavido” Millis deliver a wholly average hip-hop routine alongside All-Star coach Cyrus. Don’t get me wrong, the performance was solid by any measure; in addition to picking up choreography quickly, Impavido knows exactly how to get a cheer from the crowd with a few well-timed smirks. But juxtaposed against Cyrus’ routine with Havoc — a fierce, sharp, almost-robotic performance — Impavido’s attempt at the duet very clearly lacked a crispness and command of the movements.

THE DO-OR-DIE DANCE | After nearly giving up on himself during Sonya’s jazz round, krumper Kevin Davis Jr. eked out a finalist spot on All-Star Jenna’s team — and in the closing minutes of the episode, he made an unbelievable case for a place in this season’s Top 10.

Jenna, having left herself with a ballroom dancer and a krumper, decided to choreograph two separate routines for her finalists, in the interest of keeping things fair. First up was Kiki, who turned in a sssssteamy paso doble with Jenna that seemed difficult to top. (Dayum, that final pose.) But Kevin, refusing to go down without a fight, followed it up with an insanely energetic, deeply passionate krump performance that left the entire All-Star panel on their feet (or, like me, adding Bishop Briggs’ “River” to their workout playlists).

Should Kevin make it to the Top 10 — an answer we’ll finally get next week — it’s still unclear how well he’ll fare with other dance styles. But this week, he left everything on the floor — like, literally, his entire body — when it counted the most, and my fingers are crossed that Jenna gives him a shot at the live shows.

With that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Monday’s episode? And who are you hoping to see in next week’s live performances? Drop a comment below with all of your thoughts!

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