Shadowhunters Recap: Did Max Survive Jonathan's Attack? (And Did 'Malec'?)

Shadowhunters Recap

After the events of Monday’s Shadowhunters, I have but one question for the members of the New York Institute: What took you so long?!

I get that the audience has had the advantage of knowing Sebastian’s real identity for a while, but watching Clary & Co. overlook his endless parade of red flags for most of this week’s episode was straight-up painful. Seriously, even after acknowledging that Jonathan was likely “hiding in plain sight,” how did everyone not immediately turn to the sketchy British newcomer? The one whose obsessive interests begin with the Mortal Mirror and end with Max’s status? The one about whom they still know almost nothing? Need I go on?

It wasn’t until the end of the hour — after Jonathan tricked Jace and killed a handful of Shadowhunters — that Clary finally put the handsome pieces together and exposed Sebastian for the fraud he is. In fact, it was the first in a series of revelations for Clary, who also deduced that Mortal Mirror is actually Lake Lyn itself. (No offense, but did Clary secretly whip up a mystery solving rune when no one was looking? Those detective skills would have really come in handy earlier this season.)

Jonathan managed to escape the Institute, but something tells me we’ll be seeing him again. Soon. Like, next week.

Elsewhere this week…

500 DAYS OF ‘MALEC’ | I knew this episode was going to be intense, but I wasn’t expecting it to be such a bittersweet hour for Magnus and Alec. As the good ‘ship “Malec” drifted inevitably towards an iceberg of despair — thanks to the Seelie Queen, who convinced Magnus that his love for Alec was prohibiting him from protecting his own people — viewers were treated to heartbreaking vignettes of the couple in happier times. Like flies on the wall of Magnus’ ridiculous penthouse, we were privy to some of the pair’s most private moments, many of which took place in bed… and involved very little clothing.

When Magnus arrived at the Institute to help treat Max (who survived!), I assumed the visit would end in a reconciliation with Alec — so imagine my surprise when Magnus responded to Alex’s heartfelt apology by reciting a page from his own book: “I love you, too. But as a leader, there are difficult decisions I have to make to ensure the survival of my people. … We can’t have both.”

#WOLFPROBLEMS | Luke found himself up to his badge in wolf drama this week, as Russell stepped up to challenge his leadership. Luke put him in his damn place, naturally, but his biggest headache is yet to come; the episode ended with Luke’s partner — I don’t remember her name, but be honest, neither do you — watching secret footage of Luke addressing his fellow “werewolves.” So… I guess the cat’s wolf’s out of the bag?

In other wolf-related news, Maia was put in charge of a transitioning mundane this week, a hectic night that turned into a bonding experience for her and Simon. She even told him about her ex-boyfriend, Jordan, who turned her into a werewolf against her will after she broke up with him for being too controlling.

Your thoughts on this week’s hectic, heartbreaking episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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