Carol Burnett Chats With Kids in New Netflix Series — Watch a Teaser

Should we start calling it Burnettflix now?

Comedy legend Carol Burnett will be gracing Netflix with her regal presence in a new unscripted comedy series, A Little Help With Carol Burnett, the streaming service announced on Monday. In each half-hour episode, the TV veteran will be teamed up with a panel of kids from ages 4 to 8, and they’ll offer life advice to celebrities and everyday people in front of a live studio audience. The series is slated to debut in 2018.

“Someone once asked me how old I am inside,” Burnett said in a statement. “I thought about it, and came up with, ‘I’m about eight.’ So it’s going to be a lot of fun playing with kids my age.”

Netflix also released a teaser for A Little Help, which you can watch above, where Burnett chats with a pint-sized “Netflix executive” who advises her to get an Instagram account and to “stay woke.” (The kid’s never heard of her, but he’s never heard of Julie Andrews or Dolly Parton, either.)

A six-time Emmy winner dating back to her years on The Carol Burnett Show, Burnett’s recent TV appearances include Hawaii Five-0, Hot in Cleveland and Glee. She also starred in a ABC sitcom pilot, Household Name, this past development season, but it failed to land a series pickup.