Preacher Video: The Cast Teases a 'Dramatically Important' Reveal in the Finale and Drops a God-Sized Spoiler

Apparently, Preacher’s search for the missing man upstairs is going a lot better than we suspected. When the cast of AMC’s rock-’em-sock-’em supernatural dramedy stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, Dominic Cooper (Jesse) revealed to Michael Ausiello that “God, without realizing, we’ve already met.”

But, Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy) hastened to add, viewers still have a ways to go in Season 2 before finding out His (or Her or Its) identity. In fact, the mystery continues “right to the end,” he said.

Also included in the video above are Ruth Negga expounding on Tulip’s “survivalist” tendencies, Gilgun hilariously testing the limits of TVLine’s expletive-bleeping technology and Cooper hinting at a looming game-changer. “Something is revealed at the end [of the season] that is so dramatically important,” he said, “that it reveals… the reason behind everything.”

Press PLAY on the clip above to check it all out, then hit the comments. Who do you think Preacher’s God is?

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