Shadowhunters Recap: Mirror, Mirror

Shadowhunters Recap

Not that she didn’t already, but Clary Fray is going to need so much therapy after the events of Monday’s Shadowhunters.

But where would she even begin? With the fact that her demon-blooded brother is alive and has been masquerading as a suave British Shadowhunter? Or the fact that said brother kissed her, knowing full well of their familial connection? Honestly, it was a hell of a week.

Much of the episode’s drama revolved around the hunt for the Mortal Mirror, with which Valentine and Jonathan plan to resurrect an angel and destroy the Downworld. They tracked down the warlock Jocelyn entrusted with the object’s location, but when he killed himself in order to maintain its secrecy, the knowledge of its location went to the person he trusted most — Dot! (Side note: Elliott’s magical suicide was easily one of the show’s most disturbing moments yet. Like I said, it was a hell of a week.)

Serving as Dot’s personal security detail, Jace and Clary recovered the mirror from its top-secret location, only to be ambushed by Jonathan in all his gross, burnt glory. Clary’s sadistic sibling nearly cut Jace into tiny, handsome pieces, but he dropped his guard at the offer of a second chance with his family if he agreed to sever ties with Valentine. This fleeting sentimental moment was cut short when Dot, seeing a rare opportunity for a sneak attack, sent Jace and Clary (with the mirror!) through a portal after catching Jonathan off-guard with a well-timed blast.

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Real talk: Of course I’m grossed out by the idea of Clary kissing her brother, but I think the show is doing an admirable job at depicting the heartbreak of Jonathan’s situation, largely due to Will Tudor’s increasingly devastating portrayal of the broken character. When he lashed out at Valentine this week, assuring him that Clary won’t stop loving him once she learns the truth — goosebumps.

Elsewhere this week…

TRAINING DAY | With an adorable assist from Simon, Izzy spent the episode preparing Max for life as a Shadowhunter. Unfortunately, she didn’t warn him against sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong — hence Max confronting “Sebastian” with the knowledge of who he really is. The show’s Comic-Con trailer warned that one character will die before the end of Season 2; I don’t know about you, but Max is absolutely on my list of potential victims. (Izzy had considerably more success in her match-making efforts for Simon and Maia, convincing them both to face their feelings for one another.)

‘MALEC’ MELTDOWN! | But as one couple rises, another is now on the rocks. Upon learning (via Luke) that Alec withheld the truth about the Soul Sword’s disappearance, Magnus was devastated. “From the moment I met you, the one thing I knew I could count on was your honesty — absolute, total honesty,” he told Alec during an emotional confrontation. And to think, the episode began for “Malec” with a lovely dinner of lobster tail and champagne. Couldn’t we have just stayed with that?

Tell me: Are you as worried about Max as I am? What if Alec and Magnus can’t overcome their trust issues? And what do you make of Clary’s haunting underwater vision? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.