Alias Grace: Anna Paquin and a Bunch of Bodies Fill Miniseries Teaser Trailer

There aren’t any vampires in Alias Grace, one of Anna Paquin’s first TV gigs since True Blood, but that doesn’t mean that the world of this Netflix miniseries isn’t a dangerous place to inhabit. Because, as the first teaser trailer for the Margaret Atwood novel’s adaptation shows us, corpses pop up at a rather alarming rate when Grace Marks (11.22.63‘s Sarah Gadon) is in the picture.

The six-part drama — which also stars Chuck‘s Zachary Levi — is the story of the controversial real-life conviction of Marks, an Irish immigrant who becomes a Canadian domestic servant and is later sentenced to prison for the murders of her employer and his housekeeper in 1843.

In the brief preview, Gadon’s Marks gives us an overview of the conflicting rumors swirling about her, including that she is “an inhuman female demon” and “an innocent victim of a blaggard forced against my will and in danger of my own life.” Meanwhile, various characters — including Paquin’s Nancy Montgomery — are choked, slapped, dragged, tossed and marched away.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the cryptic teaser for yourself, then hit the comments: Will you stream Alias Grace when it premieres this fall?

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