The Originals Cast Talks Caroline's Arrival, Hayley's New Man, [Spoiler]'s Wedding and More Final Season Scoop

Wedding bells are ringing in the final season of The Originals — or, rather, they’ve already rang.

The CW drama’s cast joined yours truly in TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite to preview the final season, as well as to reveal some of what went down during the latest time jump. And, yes, one of those events was the Kol/Davina wedding we were promised at the end of Season 4.

“It happened offscreen,” Joseph Morgan said, “but we will see a sort of cutaway of People magazine where they had the photoshoot.” (He may have been joking, but executive producer Julie Plec wasn’t when she said “we can assume” the wedding happened.)

This being the show’s final season, we also discussed which fan-favorite characters could potentially return for an encore:

“Much like when we ended The Vampire Diaries, we made a wish list of all the people — whether we loved them personally or loved their characters — that we wanted to try to see again before the series ended,” Plec explained. “There’s a plan, with luck, to see Davina again. And Kol, and Rebekah.”

And if you think we didn’t talk about the long-awaited arrival of Caroline Forbes-Salvatore — though Morgan said she’s “dropped the ‘Salvatore’ now, apparently” — you’re sorely mistaken.

“In the first episode, she really just has scenes with Josh,” Plec said. “They have good chemistry, they’ll have good banter and I think the audience will really enjoy it.” (And thus, the good ‘ship “Closh” set sail.)

(Side note: At the risk of not repeating all of the same questions I’d previously asked the cast during the show’s Comic-Con panel, which took place just a few hours before this interview, we didn’t get too much into “Klaroline” or “Freelin” in this video. Rest assured, Klaus and Caroline will interact, and Christina Moses will return as Keelin for at least a handful of episodes.)

Hit PLAY on our interview above, then drop a comment below. What are your hopes for the final season of The Originals?

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