Lucifer Video: Cast Sheds Light on the Season 3 Sizzle Reel's OMG Moments

Having delivered unto the world the hugely entertaining sizzle reel for Lucifer Season 3, TVLine of course had many questions when the cast paid a visit to our Comic-Con interview suite.

In the cast’s defense — and as some readers surmised — much of the trailer was from the four episodes that got lopped off of Season 2 and tacked onto the coming run, so memories were a bit foggy when Michael Ausiello pressed for the what and why of what’s going on in the assorted vignettes.

That said, Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia offered some insight on what finds Ella donning a full-on, genuine Las Vegas showgirl costume (hint: she and Sin City have a “history”). Also, Rachael Harris shed some light on the house party that Dr. Linda and Chloe (channeling Risky Business‘ Joel) decide to (drunkenly) hold in Lucifer’s penthouse. There’s also some clarification on the kiss between Dan and his “ex.”

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As for actual preview, Ellis shares Lucifer’s concerns over reclaiming his wings in the finale and teases the Devil’s “mission” to come. Tricia Helfer meanwhile explains how Charlotte will have her “hands full” now that “Mum” no longer inhabits her. (As one can imagine, she has some ‘splaining to do to loved ones!)

Lucifer returns Monday, Oct. 2, now leading off the night at 8/7c.