The 100 Video: Cast Previews Season 5 Reboot, 'Maternal' Clarke's Nutty Nanny, 'Superdark' Octavia and More

It was déjà vu all over again when The 100 visited TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite this year.

For one, the season-ending, six-year time jump means the CW drama is on the verge of yet another “reboot,” one that will “change all of our characters significantly,” Lindsey Morgan told TVLine’s Senior Digital Editor Andy Swift.

For example, Clarke of course is now playing mom to wee Maddie, a twist that has Eliza Taylor “really excited” to explore her badass character’s maternal side. (Also: Abby a grandma? We need to see that.)

Also in the video Q&A above, though Marie Avgeropoulos said that Octavia “doesn’t know what the heck she’s doing” as commander. So, as a means of keeping peace among many clans, she has come up with a “brutal” means of punishing bad behavior.

Other topics at hand include Raven’s love life; congratting Tasya Teles (Echo) on becoming a series regular (not that it means job security on this life-and-death show!); and a very fun ‘shipper question that makes Richard Scott Harmon (playfully) storm off.

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