Lucifer Season 3 Trailer: Risky Business, a Stolen Kiss, Cage Fighting and More

The devil is in the details of this highly entertaining Lucifer Season 3 sizzle reel, which just premiered at San Diego Comic-Con.

Well ahead of its Monday, Oct. 1 return (where it will now air at 8/7c, leading into the Marvel mutant drama The Gifted), the Fox drama put together this legitimately sizzling sizzle reel, which among other things includes:

* Lucifer having fun with “fun bags”

* A pajama party where Chloe alternately does impressions of Lucifer (a bad son?) and Joel Goodson

* A stolen smooch between… well, you’ll see.

* Amanadiel getting shot, and then taking some shots at his brother

* Maze being both utterly badass, when not sharing a secret (and awesome) handshake with Trixie

* Ella like you have never seen her before, twice

* Dr. Linda is “spinning” (if the room isn’t, that is)

All leading up to what appears to be the very tender exchange of a gift between [Spoiler] and [Spoiler].

Press PLAY above already and share your favorite moments!

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