The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Reveals Rick's Fate, Declares War Won

In case you were worried, Rick doesn’t die. The action-packed Season 8 trailer that The Walking Dead dropped Friday at San Diego Comic-Con included a flash-forward showing Carl’s dad as a bearded old-timer.

The clip also made it clear that the Alexandria/everybody vs. the Saviors/Scavengers war would be well underway in the coming episodes. “Whatever comes next,” declared Ezekiel, “we’ve already won!” It wasn’t going to be easy, though. Or pretty. (Did anyone expect it to be?)

In cuing up the trailer, Scott M. Gimple paid tribute to stuntman John Bernecker, who recently died from injuries sustained on the job.

“John passed away this week after he was injured doing something he loved, helping tell stories that excite, entertain, that give people escape,” said the EP. “He helped make movies and shows for people like everybody in this room. John was somebody beloved in the stunt community, someone who trained other people and helped them break into the business. He was living his dream, and he helped other people do the same thing. We didn’t really know if we should do this panel today. But we wanted to be here for you. And we wanted to tell you about John. And we wanted to show you what we’ve all been working on.”

As previously reported, TWD returns Sunday, Oct. 22, with three actors having been bumped up to series-regular status: Pollyanna McIntosh (as the Scavengers’ formidable leader, Jadis), Steven Ogg (Negan’s right-hand man, Simon) and Katelyn Nacon (Carl’s girlfriend, Enid).

Press PLAY on the video above to check out the preview, then hit the comments. What are you most looking forward to in Season 8? Rick taking down Negan? Michonne pummeling Jadis? An answer to the question, “Old Rick?! WTF?!” Or something else?

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