Psych Video: Dulé Hill and James Roday Tease Reunion Movie (Who's In It? What Isn't? Where Is C.C. Capwell?)

Dulé Hill and James Roday were engaged in a pleasant-enough conversation about Psych: The Movie when TVLine’s Michael Ausiello crossed a line. And then things went sideways in a jiffy.

At least, that’s probably how Hill would frame what went down in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, where he and Roday came to talk up the December TV-movie that brought together pretty much all of the USA Network series’ cast. With one small caveat.

After all, fan-favorite Timothy Omundson suffered a stroke in late April, just as production on the movie was ramping up. That said, Carlton “Lassie” Lassiter does appear in an “impactful, meaningful scene” that fans will appreciate, Roday says — and if there is, as greatly hoped, a second (annual?) TV-movie, Omundson will be back “bigger and blacker than ever.” Apparently?

Elsewhere in the free-wheeling video — that is, when Hill isn’t lobbying to bring the proceedings to a halt — the boys answer the Ausiello’s most burning question of all: Why have no stars from the defunct NBC soap opera Santa Barbara ever popped up on the Santa Barbara-based Psych? (As far as this first movie goes, the stars have a very good answer to that one.)

Hill and Roday also preview Chuck alum Zachary Levi’s villainous role in the affair (as well as the involvement of a certain someone’s real-life fiancee), before one of the actors demands a “time out” for all involved.

We really shouldn’t say anymore… so just hit play above.

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