Shooter Season 2 Premiere Recap: Dinner and a Melee

Shooter Season 2

USA Network’s Shooter returned with Season 2 on Tuesday night, quickly placing Bob Lee Swagger and a bevy of his buds in the cross hairs of a hunter.

Bob Lee, with wife Julie somewhat begrudgingly in tow, attended a ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany, honoring one of his former unit members, Senior Chief Petty Officer Kevin Campbell, when gunmen dressed as polizei burst into the ballroom, letting fly with bullets. As Julie led (herself and) others to safety, Bob Lee and fellow Marine Angela Tio took out a couple of baddies, whom they realized were wired with explosives. Bob Lee then chased a third gunman to a side room and put a bullet in him. Campbell went to defuse that gunman’s bomb when, just as Bob Lee noticed something outside, the explosives went off, killing the guest of honor while knocking the Swaggers to the floor.

We then jumped back three days, where we learn that a year after the events of Season 1, Bob Lee and the fam are now living in Texas. While a local horse trainer watches over their rugrat, Bob Lee and Julie fly out to Germany, where on the first night they hang with his old unit at a bar — all the while being watched through a scope by a vaguely European man — the infamous Chechen sniper, T. Solotov. The next day, during the awards ceremony, Solotov sets up a sniper’s nest in the apartment of a local girl he wooed. As the ballroom fracas plays out again, we receive new bits of information, including how Solotov killed the apartment’s owner when she caught him by surprise, before he went about with his mission. We see that Solotov helped outfit the gunmen earlier, before taking his post. And most importantly, we see that when Campbell went to defuse the third gunman’s bomb, Solotov took out the Marine before targeting the vest itself, triggering the explosion.

Once the dust literally clears, Bob Lee does that thing he does, mapping out bullet trajectories in his head, and then grabs his buddy Dobbs to scout out a possible nest. Sneaking into the apartment, they find merely circumstantial evidence pointing to a sniper… until they find the dead female tenant stuffed inside a closet. Later, when a surveillance photo of the unit out at the bar the night before is found on one of the dead gunmen, and after Solotov poses as an EMT to finish off one of the injured unit members, Bob Lee surmises that they, as a whole, are being hunted.

Elsewhere in the premiere:

* Isaac Johnson is living with his wife Lin in Bangkok when he reads online about the Frankfurt shooting. That raises his hackles, helping him and his wife survive an attempt on their lives in the middle of a marketplace. Lin gets shot in the leg, which Isaac bandages up on the fly, before they plan their next move.

* Because the FBI doesn’t like heroes grabbing the public eye, Nadine Memphis has been reassigned to a desk job in the Office of Personnel Management, where her new boss won’t even let her green light special transport home for a shaken Julie Swagger. This setback makes Memphis more susceptible than she has any right being to the vague overtures of National Security Advisor Patricia Gregson. Memphis waves off Gregson’s first attempt to recruit her, but at episode’s end she is seen packing up her desk, apparently having decided to help effect some real change (or however Gregson cryptically framed her shady line of work).

* During a private moment, we see that Julie, even a year later, is quite rattled by and suffers agonizing flashbacks to the events of Season 1, including daughter Mary’s abduction.

After that premiere, have you targeted Shooter Season 2 for regular viewing?

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