Being Mary Jane Premiere Recap: Who Came Clean? And Who Walked Out?

Being Mary Jane Recap

Several months may have passed since we last saw Mary Jane Paul, but you’ll pleased — or horrified, depending on your position — to learn that very little about her has changed. Aside from her hair.

Tuesday’s Being Mary Jane premiere, which could have been titled “How to Lose Two Guys in Under an Hour,” began with the queen of self-sabotage coming clean to Lee about her newsroom romp with Justin — news which (surprise!) he did not take well.

“You’re obviously still that broken girl I met on the first night,” Lee told MJ as he stormed out of her exquisite apartment. “It was my mistake trying to put you back together.” But just when I was ready swear my allegiance to #TeamLee, he took things one step too far, telling Mary Jane, “Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t have kids together. You’d be a terrible mom.” (Not cool, dude. Not cool.)

Little did Mary Jane know, the universe was about to dump a heap of salt into her gaping emotional wound. Upon learning about MJ broke up with Lee in order to be with him, Justin responded with quite possibly the worst thing any man has ever said to a woman:

Look, we had sex. Once. And we both agreed that it was a mistake. This isn’t love. I have a girlfriend, and I’m not going to ruin the relationship for … I’m not going to blow up my world on a whim, OK? And you shouldn’t want me to.

Honestly, I’m surprised MJ only took her wrath out on her bedroom pillows; I was expecting her to go fully Godzilla on Manhattan. And even though Justin eventually changed his tune, showing up at Mary Jane’s place for a little boom boom, I think we all know this won’t end well.

Elsewhere in the premiere…

* Ronda made a controversial return to Great Day USA, during which she proceeded to dress Mary Jane down in the middle of the newsroom — as if Great Day‘s dismal ratings weren’t stressing her out enough.

* Kara’s arbitration hearing went less successfully than she hoped; apparently the image Kara’s been putting out — thanks to Orlando wanting her to hang out with the wives and girlfriends of his teammates — makes it seem as though she doesn’t need the money.

* And forgetting for a moment how insane it was for Mary Jane’s mom to call Lee and find out why he dumped her, I was genuinely surprised to hear that Mama and Papa Patterson are harboring (more) dark family secrets.

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