Twin Peaks Episode 10 Recap: Mom's (Most Likely) the Word

Twin Peaks Recap

Anything is possible in the world of Twin Peaks, and in this new season it’s been ridiculously hard to draw any conclusions or make any predictions at all. But, as the weeks go by, it only becomes clearer that evil Richard Horne is in fact the child of Audrey and Evil Coop. I didn’t want it to be true. I hated the idea that Evil Coop raped Audrey (while she was comatose in the hospital after the bank explosion way back in the series finale). But Richard was so evil in this episode, who else could be his dad? And now we know that Audrey’s mom Sylvia (Jan D’Arcy) is Richard’s grandmother, and that Audrey’s brother Johnny (Eric Rondell) is (likely) not Richard’s father. All the signs are pointing to worst case scenario.

On the whole Part 10 was a filler episode. It was shorter than usual, sprinkled with comedy and tragedy, but it did drop a few confirmations of long suspected and rumored details. Oh, and three different women were assaulted by insane, drug-addled men and Naomi Watts burned down my television by simply baring her naked back. Just another day in Lynchland, I guess. Here’s the recap of Twin Peaks, Part 10:

IN LAS VEGAS | A doctor finds Good Coop/Dougie to be in excellent physical shape, and Janey-E seems to suddenly notice she is married to a stud (kudos to Kyle Maclachlan, aged 58, on his fitness routine). Sexy times follow. Very sexy times. I hope they were using protection, because what is going to become of Janey-E and Sonny Jim once Good Coop snaps to his senses?? I am very worried about this. Meanwhile, the crime saga in Las Vegas is just getting more confusing. Dougie’s crooked co-worker Anthony (Tom Sizemore) is revealed to be taking orders from Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischler), who is now short one (short) hit man. Todd instructs Anthony to convince casino owners the Mitchum Brothers to rub Dougie out. Which is odd because the Mitchum Brothers have just realized that Dougie is their “Mr. Jackpots” and Ike The Spike’s target. Yes, every thread of every storyline links back to Dougie and/or Evil Coop. And what is going on with Candie the showgirl? She’s sobbing and remorseful (about her accidental TV remote assault) one moment and then lost in space the next. I said it last week, but again I am really hoping they match these showgirl triplets up with the Fusco Cop Clowns.

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IN SOUTH DAKOTA | As expected, Albert and Constance the coroner are canoodling. (Did you notice the woman walk past their table with a French flag? I don’t know what it means, but I hear rumors that it is “important.”) Up in his hotel room, Cole sketches a strange beast and an arm reaching out from nowhere (just like BOB’s arm reaching out from Glastonbury Grove?). As he answers his door, Cole has a vision of Laura Palmer. The “vision” is footage from Fire Walk With Me, when hysterical Laura goes to see Donna (after realizing that her father is BOB). But why this footage and why now? It was very odd. The vision clears and Albert enters Cole’s room. Albert tells us that Diane is in touch with Evil Coop, and Cole tells us he suspected this all along. It’s getting hard to keep track of the double crosses. Finally, Tammy arrives with a pic from the scary NYC glass box penthouse. And yes, Evil Coop is behind that too. (Remember back in the beginning of the season when we all thought Audrey was behind the glass box? Searching for her one true love, Dale Cooper? Those were such innocent times.)

IN TWIN PEAKS | Monstrous Richard Horne rubs out Miriam because she reported his hit and run to the police (although the cops have done absolutely nothing about that). Then Richard gets crooked Deputy Chad to intercept Miriam’s tell-all letter to the Sherriff. Then Richard assaults his grandmother and robs her blind. Richard is evil! Pure evil! And poor Johnny Horne (not dead) is bound to his chair (for his own good, apparently) and too busy with his “Teddy Ruxpin from Hell” to be of any help. Sylvia reports all this to Ben Horne and demands that he make good on the stolen money. Ben refuses. It would seem that Ben and Sylvia are now divorced (she angrily mentions her lawyer) and living in different homes. But then why is Ben wearing a wedding ring? Is he married to someone else? In any event, at the end of his rope, Ben asks Beverly out to dinner. Side note: the show needs MORE ASHLEY JUDD.

Jerry Horne is still lost in the woods (it’s been days now?) and Dr. Jacoby is still broadcasting his awesome and angry all-American vlog. Nadine keeps her one good eye firmly on the vlog, and she is totally smitten with Dr. Jacoby AKA Dr. Amp. What a cute couple they would make! Although they’d first have to dispose of their spouses, Big Ed (where is he?) and Eolani (Jacoby’s Hawaiian wife from Season Two). And happy happy news: Nadine’s silent drapery shop “Run Silent, Run Drapes” (the name is an amazingly hilarious nod to the 1956 WWII submarine movie Run Silent, Run Deep) is open for business on main street in Twin Peaks! She even bought one of Jacoby’s Golden Sh*t Shovels and is displaying it in her front window! (You will note that the black curtains surrounding the shovel were utterly noiseless.) Success!

Finally, we got two wonderful musical interludes. Rebekah Del Rio (recording star and Mulholland Drive alum) sang “No Stars” and wore the perfect Twin Peaks homage dress. And Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton) picked out a lovely melody on his guitar, until he was interrupted by a coffee mug thrown through a window (Lynch and Frost were crazy secretive about the plot of Season 3 but Mark Frost did foretell this one event three years ago!) And last but not least, Hawk spoke to the Log Lady (why does she have two telephone landlines?) late at night, and listened to her prophecies. Margaret Lanterman (Catherine Coulson) is the heart and spirt of this show, and her scenes and words resonate with emotion. She tells Hawk that the light and electricity of the world are fading. That everything comes full circle. That the Truman brothers are “true men.” And that “Laura is the one.” How long before Laura returns? Or Sheryl Lee pops up as another character (perhaps a redhead this time)? It is just a matter of time.

BONUS POINTS | Tragically, the sad cycle of abuse has caught up with Becky (Amanda Seyfried), and her drug-addled husband is beating her up and berating her in their rundown trailer. But the content of his rant is very interesting: “I don’t tell you to clean this f—ing place up” he yells into her face. Why is that statement significant? Because Becky’s mom Shelly used to lament that her husband, truck driver Leo, only wanted a “maid he didn’t have to pay for.” So, Steven (Caleb Landry Jones) is basically telling Becky that she has nothing to complain about: he is not forcing her into domestic slavery like her dad did to her mom. And if we stay with this line of thinking for a moment, here’s the next thing Steven tells Becky: “Listen to me. Don’t you give me that f—king innocent look. I know exactly what you did. Exactly what you did.” Leo (Eric Da Re, son of Twin Peaks casting director Johanna Ray) is not on the cast list, and you may have noticed that Shelly is wearing a ring on a chain around her neck. So, is Leo… dead? Is it possible that Becky killed Leo after seeing him beat up her mom one too many times? Or maybe Shelly killed Leo and Becky took the fall (because she was likely a minor and would escape jail time)? It’s all very 1950’s Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato, and we know Lynch and Frost love those juicy noir references (see “Mr. Neff” in the Season 1 finale). So maybe Steven knows Becky’s dark secret: that she (possibly with her mom) killed her own father and got away with it. Maybe Steven is using this information to keep Becky in line and by his side. The only problem with this whole theory (and it’s a big problem) is that Leo was last seen in the series finale underneath a box of deadly spiders dangling from a string held in his mouth. It didn’t seem likely he would escape that trap (set by Windom Earle). But maybe, just maybe, if he did, then maybe Shelly and Becky did him in once and for all. Yes I’m going way out on a limb with this theory, but I have a feeling there’s something big behind Steven’s ominous threats to his wife. And now we’ll have to wait and (maybe) find out, next week in Part 11. (—Written by M.T. Wentz)