Shadowhunters Recap: Family Secrets

Shadowhunters Recap

The search for Valentine took Clary and Jace all the way to Idris on Monday’s Shadowhunters, though neither was prepared for what they were about to discover.

For starters, the drinking water in Idris — specifically the lake water — has hallucinogenic properties, which sent Clary down a dangerous spiral of delusion and mistrust. (Exactly what she needed at this juncture, of course.) She also received a chilling warning from a passing angel (which is common in Idris, apparently) that led her to the realization that her actual brother is still alive! (Little does she know she’s already met him.)

Now, let’s examine each of the other families’ spilled secrets this week, shall we?

THE LIGHTWOODS | Alec and Izzy’s father visited the Institute, and while neither child was thrilled to see him — they’re still miffed about that whole cheating thing — Alec was quite thirsty for the tea he was spilling on the Clave. Not only was Papa Lightwood the one who argued for his son to remain the head of the New York Institute, but he really believes Alec has the makings of a good leader. What’s more, it seems the Clave lied about recovering the Soul Sword from Valentine. So… who has it now?

THE MORGENSTERNS | That would be Sebastian Jonathan, who revealed that he intends to send it to hell Eden along with Valentine. The father and son also rehashed some messy family history, including that time Valentine stumbled upon him killing and skinning a werewolf in the woods on his eighth birthday. You know, totally normal childhood memories.

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THE LEWIS…ES | Simon’s Yom Kippur dinner at his childhood home also proved an enlightening experience, though not for the reasons he intended. Had Maia not invited herself along for the ride, Simon might have outed himself as a vampire while everyone went around the table to reveal their darkest deed of the year. (For the record, this is not a good idea for a vampire to play… ever.) Fortunately, she shut him up just in time, the proceeded to gift him with a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night. Could she be exactly what Simon needs to get over Clary?

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