Blind Item: Drama Series Poised to Whack Fan Fave — In Season Premiere

Blind Item

The producers of a popular series are looking to take a page from Annalise Keating’s killer curriculum.

Rumor has it that an hour-long drama series on one of the Big 5 broadcast networks is poised to kill off one of its most popular characters (an original series regular), while tacking on a time-tripping twist straight out of How to Get Away With Murder. [UPDATE: Blind Item revealed!]

According to sources, if the storyline is approved by The Powers That Be at the network, the character in question would be murdered in the show’s forthcoming season premiere, at which point the action would jump back two months. Subsequent episodes would continue to chronicle the eight weeks leading up to [REDACTED]’s death all while dropping clues about the party — or parties? — potentially responsible for the shocking crime.

Oh, and to assist you in cracking this particular Blind Item, we went ahead and narrowed the field to nine shows. Yep, the series in question is included in the gallery to the right (click here for direct access). You’re welcome!

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