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Younger Boss Breaks Down Liza and Kelsey's Defining Moment: 'That's Where Everything Finally Landed'

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Liza’s friendship with Kelsey reached a new high on Wednesday’s Younger — while her tolerance for tequila hit a new low.

A weekend in the woods for a top-secret publishing retreat turned out to be a solid bonding experience for the friends-turned-frenemies, though it certainly didn’t start that way. In fact, Liza could only take so many bitchy glances and cutting remarks from Kelsey before drunkenly expressing her interest in launching a rival publishing company’s new young-adult imprint.

But things really turned around (pun intended) during the ladies’ drive back to New York City when Liza got a series of emergency messages about Caitlin being hospitalized. Seeing Liza jump into mom mode changed everything for Kelsey, making her numerical indiscretion but a distant memory.

“That’s where everything finally landed for Kelsey — why Liza did what she did,” series creator Darren Star confirms to TVLine. “It’s something that Liza could have ever explained. It’s something Kelsey had to come to understand.”

Moving forward, Star says that Liza and Kelsey’s friendship “will continue to transcend their age difference. They may relate to each other a little differently, but [Liza’s lie] won’t continue to be an issue for them. It’s like a friend who comes out about their sexuality; it might surprise you at first, but then you don’t even think about it.”

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