TVLine Items: Flash Return, Lucy Liu's Marvel Gig, Umbrella Academy & More

Flash Peek-a-Boo

Barry Allen needs to find his way out the Speed Force, and quick, because a familiar foe is about to “pop” back into town.

Teleporting metahuman Shawna Baez (Britne Oldford), aka Peek-a-Boo, will return to stir up trouble in The Flash‘s Season 4 premiere (airing Tuesday, Oct. 10 on The CW), EW.com reports.

Peek-a-Boo was first introduced in the Season 1 episode “Crazy for You” after she broke into Iron Heights prison to free her boyfriend/partner-in-crime Clay Parker. She was last seen escaping from Team Flash at the end of Season 1 after Captain Cold double-crossed Barry & Co., releasing five of the metahuman prisoners imprisoned in Star Labs.

Peek-a-Boo has also been featured in three episodes of The Flash: Chronicles of Cisco, a web series that follows Cisco’s after-hours work making improvements to Barry’s supersuit.

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* Elementary star Lucy Liu will direct the Season 2 premiere of Marvel’s Luke Cage. Liu has previously directed four episodes of her CBS series (as well as the 2011 short film Meena).

* Gerard Way’s graphic novel The Umbrella Academy has been picked up by Netflix for a 10-episode live-action series to premiere in 2018, as first reported by SplashReport. The story, written by the My Chemical Romance frontman and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, follows estranged members of a superhero family.

* HBO has added Lulu Wilson (The Millers) to its Amy Adams-starring adaptation of Sharp Objects. Wilson will portray Marian, Camille’s (Adams) dead sister.

* The third annual WE Day special, hosted by Selena Gomez and highlighting important social issues facing America and the world, will air commercial-free on Friday, Aug. 4 at 8/7c on CBS.

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