Shooter Team Talks 'Bigger' Season 2, PTSD Julie, Memphis' Setback (Video)

Shooter Season 2

Season 2 of USA Network’s Shooter will be “bigger” and “faster,” put the Swagger marriage to the test, continue Bob Lee’s frenemyship with Isaac and force Memphis into an odd alliance — all while landing the heroes in the literal cross hairs of Bob Lee’s No. 1 rival.

Coming off of Season 1’s nailbiter — in which Ryan Phillippe‘s Bob Lee, a highly decorated Marine, just barely unraveled the conspiracy to frame him for a dignitary’s assassination — the new season (premiering Tuesday, July 18 at 10/9c) picks up one year later and is based on Time to Hunt, the third novel in Stephen Hunter‘s Bob Lee Swagger series. To that end, Josh Stewart (Criminal Minds) joins the mix as Solotov, the notorious Chechen sniper responsible for the death of Bob Lee’s friend and spotter, Donny Fenn.

In the exclusive BTS videos below:
* Shantel VanSanten reveals that Julie Swagger is in “full-blown, post-traumatic disorder mode” and barely able to deal with the new threat on her family’s lives. (She also laughs at the folly of performing action sequences in a form-fitting dress.)

* Cynthia Addai-Robinson talks about FBI Agent Nadine Memphis’ demotion to the Bureau’s “DMV,” leaving her susceptible to overtures from shady National Security Advisor Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo).

* Josh Stewart dives into Solotov’s “hunting” regimen, as well as Shooter‘s style of in-your-face, feel-the-emotion fight sequences.

* Series creator John Hlavin goes into detail about the “bigger, faster” Season 2 — and the ongoing “fragile partnership” between Bob Lee and Omar Epps‘ Isaac Johnson.