Have Once Castings Conjured Interest? Was Night Shift Doubly Dark? A Super New Gig for Grace Park? And More Qs!

Once Upon a Time Season 7

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Killjoys, Claws, Fear the Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time!

1 | For Season 2, does GLOW really need to figure out if Debbie’s husband is a decent guy who occasionally says/does the wrong thing or an unbelievably insensitive, clueless (and, in the finale, borderline cartoonish) jerk?

2 | How cool is it that Killjoys‘ hackmod storyline allows for so many roles for amputee actors?

3 | Did Claws fake you out with this week’s Ghost Roller reveal? And don’t we need to see a lot more of Polly’s background — especially if it involves more accents from Carrie Preston?

4 | Power fans: What are the odds that Andre turned off the security cameras after Sandoval planted the gun in Ghost’s office?

5 | TVLine reader Big Mike notes, “Fear the Walking Dead was sold as ‘the fall of society in L.A. during the early stages of the outbreak.’ Last season we were in Mexico, and now we’re dealing with PreacherNative Americans. How the hell did we get here?!?”

6 | On Preacher, how Julee Cruise-on-Twin Peaks was the vibe of Julie Ann Emery’s fake jazz singer?

7 | With the American Ninja Warrior hosts lording over this year’s Macy’s Fireworks special, did you half expect them to announce that Jessie Graff was about to scale the Empire State Building?

8 | Did you notice how PBS’ A Capitol Fourth, in the wake of last year’s “recycled fireworks” kerfuffle, went out of its way to make it absolutely, positively clear that Kellie Pickler’s performance was recorded during rehearsal, before she fell ill?

9 | OK, let’s brainstorm! What Vancouver-based series can Vancouver-based Grace Park easily join? (Did we hear someone say Supergirl…?) And speaking of Hawaii Five-0‘s pair of big exits, a poll for longtime viewers:


11 | What is going on Blood Drivein this Blood Drive scene?? (Or do we actually not want to know?)

12 | How does Kingdom‘s dirt-poor, can’t-hold-a-job Jay regularly afford so much booze and assorted “party favors”?

13 | Did Younger‘s debate about memes make you question your own understanding of them? And how did it take four seasons for Kelsey to mention that she comes from Texas?

14 | Has Once Upon a Time‘s big salvo of Season 7 cast additions — including Gabrielle Anwar, Dania Ramirez and Reign‘s own Adelaide Kane — increased your curiosity factor for the “reset” by 10 to 20 percent? Or more?

15 | Is Fox’s potential Empire/Star crossover aBATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS case of too little, too late?

16 | This week in Battle of the Network Stars categorization grumbles: the supremely telegenic Gilles Marini and Joanna Krupa were put on the “Variety” team, and not “Sex Symbols,” because of, what, a long-ago DWTS turn and a long-defunct Real Housewives run?

17 | Did any other Zoo fans assume that Mitch was lying to Clementine 2 about his “7960” memory, to suss out if she was an imposter? (Or does one not wake from a 10-year hibernation so cynical?)

18 | Do you suspect The Night Shift had Annie’s tragic denouement already locked in at the time they realized Ken Leung wouldn’t be returning and decided to kill Topher off? (Because it was kind of a grim double-header!) Also, it was totally on purpose that they had Jill Flint’s Jordan say the “Flint right here in Texas” line, right?

19 | Why did Nashville‘s Alyssa say she never would have let Scarlett do the interview with Mackenzie Rhodes “if I had been here”? Um, where was she? Also, how are we supposed to believe that Alyssa is super-savvy and on top of everything if she didn’t even know that Deacon is a recovering alcoholic?

Degrassi20 | On Degrassi, could Tristan’s recovery style be a(n even unintentional) nod to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video?

21 | If we ask Netflix nicely, do you think they’d take a break from releasing new shows every week so we could all get caught up before fall TV?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!