Degrassi: Next Class Kicks Off Season 4 With Bras, Brawls and So Much Bawling

Degrassi: Next Class Recap

Maya’s return to school in the fourth season premiere of Degrassi: Next Class set the stage for a semester of — wait for it … are you ready? — drama!

At first, I expected Maya’s classmates would go out of their way to make her assimilation as comfortable as possible. But then I remembered that she goes to Degrassi Community School, where everybody has to make everybody else’s problems about them.

Take Esme, for example. She felt so threatened by Zig spending time with Maya that she got naked for the guy who helped Maya onto the roof just to make Zig jealous. (I guess she didn’t technically know that Saad opened the door when they partnered for the art project, but her clothing-optional shenanigans still landed everyone in detention.)

Speaking of vengeful teens, Frankie looked none too pleased to see Jonah — for whom she still carries an embarrassingly large torch — kissing Grace in front of the entire school. Or at least in front of everyone who attended the anti-suicide carnival.

But the premiere’s most fascinating storyline actually centered around Yael, who agreed to let Lola help her buy a new bra after complaining that her large chest prohibits her from having fun with her friends. Like most of Lola’s plans, unfortunately, the makeover backfired, resulting in Yael returning to the store solo… to try on binders for her chest!

Your thoughts on Next Class‘ return? Hopes for the rest of Season 4? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below. (And please try not to spoil the rest of the season if you’ve already binged!)

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