Zoo Recap: Oh My Darlings, Clementine

Zoo Recap Season 3

This week on CBS’ Zoo, Mitch was caught in a parent trap, Jackson played the name game and Abe and Dariela got caught up in an egg-cellent adventure.

When last we tuned in, Mitch — freshly plucked from a decade in a dunk tank — was approached by his daughter Clementine, who allegedly was brought to the Siberia black site the instant that the kindly IADG dudes realized whom they had found. As they reconnect, Clem tells her father that the IADG is hot to get the 411 on something called “Blue Diaspora.” But when Mitch claims to not know of what they speak, the grunts get rough with Clementine, threatening Mitch’s kid. Clem manages to break the leader’s grasp, allowing Mitch to electrocute the guy. But just as they commence their escape, Mitch is confronted by… the other gun-toting Clementine!

Rewinding a bit: With help from Jamie’s well-connected friends (including a Shepherd dude that is kept locked in a cage aboard the jet), “Clementine 1” and Jamie were able to locate Mitch. Torn between two Clementines, and understandably wary of the “second” one, he puts a bullet into the new arrival — only to discover, seeing an birthday parking ticket in her pocket, that she was the real deal. Just as Clemen-fraud trains her pistol on Mitch, demanding intel, Jamie shows up to gun the girl down. Returning to the jet, Jamie stitches up Clem’s through-and-through, and then talks to Mitch about his decade-long captivity — including her vow to hold accountable whomever it was that took him away from her. Er, from the world.

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Elsewhere in the hour:

* Jackson, it turns out, has been going by the name “Dylan Green” all this time working with the aid group — and Tessa thinks that his occasional research into Jackson Oz has to do with a vendetta against the man (and his father) who triggered this whole mess. Back in New York, Logan in the course of investigating the twin bombings recognizes Jackson from a photo of the Portland group, and immediately makes tracks for Oregon. Arriving there, he keeps a lid on Jackson’s true identity in front of Tessa, as they delve into the bombings. When Jackson presents to Logan a curved “disc” that had been left behind by the mystery bomber (who at one points called him, to taunt Jackson Oz for blowing up her world), Logan later reports that trace DNA on the item indicates that their target, Abigail Westbrook, is Jackson’s sister!

* Abe and Dariela’s farmhouse was randomly attacked by a razorback, which they deduce had been “summoned” by the fetus that spawned from the hybrid tissue sample Jackson sent over. Placing the egg in a Faraday Cage, they fend off that one hybrid — only to have several later come a-knocking. Abe tussles with one who enters the living room, eventually handing over the egg to it. The next day, government agents show up at the house to declare some sort of state of emergency and play for the parents a video in which the head of Reiden Global says their son has been chosen for testing — at which instant they realize that Isaac has been snatched from the house and is being hauled away in a truck with dozens of other rugrats. Did the Reiden bigwig take Isaac to pressure Abe to cease his research into reversing mankind’s sterility?

* Oh, and speaking of eggs and reproducing: Clementine is secretly pregnant!

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