Veep Season 7: [Spoiler] Will Be Back

Veep Season 7

Selina Meyer put her political ambitions ahead of her personal life in Veep‘s Season 6 finale when she tearfully dumped her “Muslim baggage” before embarking on yet another run for the presidency. But there are indications that her breakup with Al Jaffar may not stick when the HBO comedy returns next year with its seventh season.

Although showrunner David Mandel declined to say whether a reunion is on the horizon for the couple, the EP confirms that Usman Ally will be back as the Qatari ambassador. “We haven’t seen the last of him,” Mandel tells TVLine, before adding, “Usman has been so good.”

In last month’s season ender, Selina was seen sobbing shortly after ending things with Jaffar. It was a surprisingly vulnerable reaction for the famously unsentimental politico, and served to underscore the very really bond the two characters shared. As Mandel says with a laugh, “I felt like I was breaking up with him.”

The finale also appeared to mark the end of the road for another Veep fave — Matt Walsh’s Mike, who found himself on the receiving end of a pink slip in the episode’s closing moments. But Walsh will similarly be back for Season 7. “You should not be worried about Matt Walsh’s future on the show,” Mandel previously told TVLine. “We have a pretty interesting idea for Mike next season.”

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