The Best TV Episodes of 2017 (So Far)

Best TV Episodes Of 2017

According to the calendar, we’re only halfway through 2017… but it feels like we’ve already watched about a decade’s worth of great TV this year, doesn’t it?

Peak TV is really peaking right now, with dozens of great shows airing all across the networks and cable, and new gems popping up on the streaming services seemingly every week. (Slow down, Netflix!) The result: an avalanche of quality dramas and comedies for our viewing pleasure. (And it truly has been a pleasure.)

To celebrate this embarrassment of riches, we here at TVLine are looking back at the year in TV so far and picking out our very favorite episodes of 2017. We suggested, we debated, we nearly came to blows… but when the dust settled, we had a list of 20 fantastic episodes, all airing over the past six months.

Check out the photo gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see which shows and episodes made the cut, along with our take on what made them so fantastic. If we missed a favorite of yours (and we’re sure we did), please feel free to jog our memories in the comments… because we could always use a few more great shows to watch.