Teen Wolf Star Offers a Warning for the Final Episodes: 'A Lot of People Die'

Teen Wolf Spoilers

Teen Wolf has never been gun shy about murking your faves, and as the MTV drama heads into its final 10 episodes (exact premiere date TBD), the death toll will continue to rise in Beacon Hills.

At least that’s how Linden Ashby made it sound when TVLine caught up with him at the Saturn Awards earlier this week, where we managed to squeeze some Season 6B scoop out of Papa Stilinski.

“It’s a really cool season, and yes, a lot of people actually do die,” he told us. “It’s really about fear and people coming together in different camps, and it’s about intolerance. It’s about a lot of things that are pretty current right now. I think it’s going to be good.”

He added, “I get to do something that I haven’t done much of the entire season — I maybe get to fight a little bit. [Stilinski is] trying to keep things from spinning out of control and trying to keep people together. It’s not easy.”

As for how Stilinski will cope with Beacon Hills’ noticeable lack of Stiles Mieczyslaw, now enrolled in a pre-FBI program at George Washington University, Ashby assured us that all lines of communication between father and son will remain open.

“Well, you know, we call each other every day,” he said. “And we email and text, so it’s OK.”

And if your eyes well up a little when you think about this show coming to an end after six seasons, just imagine how the cast must have felt on the last day of filming back in March. Even better, here’s what Ashby recalled from the emotional event: “There was a lot of tears, a lot of people crying. Those are my friends, my family. It was sad.”

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With reporting by Vlada Gelman

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