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Younger Premiere: EP Explains Kelsey's 'Complicated' Reaction to Liza's Truth, Hints at Her New Dynamic With Josh

Younger Recap Season 4 Premiere

Picking up immediately where its third season finale left off, Younger returned Wednesday to a familiar-yet-unlikely threesome: Liza, Kelsey… and the truth!

But if you were hoping that Liza’s BFF would instantly forgive and forget, you — much like Kelsey — were in for a rude awakening. (Frankly, I think the fact that Kelsey maintained her composure and snuck out while Liza was sleeping shows enormous growth on her part, but that’s just me.) And just as Liza was starting to suspect that Kelsey was ready to let it go, she was hit with a one-two punch of emotions: Not only does Kelsey now consider their friendship to be a “business” arrangement, but she’s also nursing a full-on broken heart.

“We wanted to maintain the fact that she felt betrayed, and that what Liza did has consequences,” series creator Darren Star tells TVLine. “That lie had a lot of weight for Kelsey, but at the same time, it was painful for us to think of these characters at odds. We wanted to organically get them to a new place, and we didn’t feel like it could be so easy. We’re taking the viewers on a journey, and we hope that they hang in there.”

Of course, Kelsey’s handling of Liza’s confession isn’t the only drama fans should be concerned about this season. After swapping sob stories with Josh — who still isn’t ready to talk about the night he planned to propose, so don’t ask about it! — Kelsey decided to move into his spare bedroom.

“That is a dynamic that’s going to be explored,” Star confirms, adding that it’s “understandable” for fans to worry about them getting too close. “There’s a commonality there, and I think it’s going to be surprising for both of them.”

With Hilary Duff’s character at a crossroads, Star says he’s excited for fans to follow her journey, wherever it may lead: “Kelsey is a complicated character in that her own ambition gets ahead of her. She’s ambitious and impatient. She’s also a romantic. In future episodes, she’s going to have some work and romantic complications that intertwine.”

Switching gears a bit, we should probably discuss Kristin Chenoweth’s brilliant performance as D.C. spin doctor Marylynne Keller, whose book — cleverly titled It’s True Because I’m Shouting It — posits the belief that “truth is a four-letter word.” In addition to being “inspired” by Kellyanne Conway, Star says that Chenoweth’s character plays into the larger themes of the season.

“It’s less about Kellyanne and more about what the idea of the meaning of truth is,” he explains. “How truth, and the idea of truth, is in the zeitgeist right now.”

And for all you members of #TeamCharles, just because Liza’s boss didn’t immediately throw himself at her upon learning about her breakup, that doesn’t mean he’s lost interest.

“Keep watching,” Star says with a laugh. “[His feelings are] not going away.”

OK, let’s talk: Were you surprised by Kelsey’s reaction to Liza’s reveal? Are you worried about Kelsey and Josh becoming a thing? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.