Shadowhunters: Did Clary's Trip to the Seelie Court Sink a Fan-Favorite 'Ship?

Shadowhunters Recap

Warning: This article contains several sexy spoilers from Monday’s Shadowhunters. Proceed at your own peril.

Another episode of Shadowhunters, another controversial kiss courtesy of Jace Wayland. I mean Morgenstern. I mean Herondale!

At this point, it’s difficult to say which is more complicated, Jace’s love life or Jace’s lineage — and the fact that the two things often go hand-in-hand only serves to complicate them both even further.

Monday’s episode found Jace, Clary and Simon journeying to the Seelie Court, where their love triangle — already an awkward, delicate situation — reached dizzying new heights, thanks to the Seelie Queen, who proved to be as devious as she is adorable. As punishment for killing a bug in her domain, she snared the guys with an enchanted vine, one which wouldn’t loosen its grip until Clary kissed the guy she “most desires.”

Unfortunately for Clary, that wasn’t Simon. The petty plant wouldn’t set either of the guys free until Clary kissed Jace — and oh, what a kiss it was. Following the extended lip lock, an angry Simon retreated to his makeshift apartment, refusing to let Clary explain herself.

But the question remains: What would Clary’s explanation be? As the queen proclaimed, Clary can fool herself, but not the vines. Is this really the end of “Climon” as we know it?

Elsewhere this week…

* While scrolling through photos on her phone, Luke’s partner noticed a werewolf — or, as far as she’s concerned, a regular wolf — in a shot from outside the Jade Wolf.

* I don’t know when I suddenly became invested in Izzy and Raphael’s relationship, but I was surprisingly touched during their end-of-episode breakup. (Not that they were officially dating, but you know.) “Our whole relationship was built around our addiction,” he told her when she asked about their future together. “All it takes is one moment of weakness, and we’ll be back there.” Sad, but true.

* Last, but certainly not least, the final moments of the episode revealed that Sebastian is keeping Valentine someone locked in a closet in his apartment, where he’s being regularly “punished.”

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