Pretty Little Liars Boss Promises 'Rewarding' Series Finale Reveals, Including A.D. and Ali's Baby Daddy

Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Spoilers

There’s been much chatter over the years about a potential Pretty Little Liars movie. And on Tuesday, you’re finally going to get it.

“I knew from the beginning of the season that I wanted this to be a two-hour finale,” executive producer Marlene King tells TVLine of the final episode (Freeform, 8/7c). “This last episode gave the Liars a significant amount of closure; they won the game, and it looks as if A.D. is leaving town. So the finale is structured as a two-hour movie. It’s paced like a feature film, not the way we do regular episodes. I don’t want to give away too much in terms of how [A.D.’s identity] is revealed, but that pacing will feel different and feel special.”

Below, King answers more of our burning questions about the game-changing — actually, make that game-ending — episode:

TVLINE | In addition to A.D. reveal, we’re also finding out the father of Emily and Alison’s baby. Which will surprise us more?
Well, both of them are pretty cool. We’ve been waiting so long for A.D., but for the father as well. They’re both equally rewarding and satisfying. And surprising.

TVLINE | When you wrote this finale, did you compile a list of every unanswered question from the show so you could make sure everything gets wrapped up?
As a writers room, we went through social media and consulted our own unanswered questions, and we did try to put together a list of anything we haven’t revealed. To be honest, I actually get a lot of people asking me online about things we have revealed, they just might have forgotten along the way. I think the majority of unanswered questions will be answered.

TVLINE | And what won’t we see?
We won’t see Jason, because we couldn’t get him for the finale. That I can tell you. But other than that, you’ll see a lot.

TVLINE | Speaking of seeing a lot, you recently tweeted about the finale having HBO-level sex scenes. How much are you guys really getting away with?
I had never directed a sex scene in any of my episodes, and I directed — on the same evening — three or four back-to-back. It was literally going from this one to that one to this one to that one. It was so interesting to see how each couple likes to be directed. One couple was like, “Just say ‘do this’ and ‘do that,'” while another couple was just like, “Play us some music and we’ll go at it.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’ve always had a soft spot for the Liars’ parents. What role will they play in the finale?
Well, they’re definitely in the finale; we get to see the moms and couple of the dads. Because they play such an important role in their children’s lives, they’re going to be important in the finale.

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