Corden Attempts to Educate Trump on HIV/AIDS Using Philadelphia — WATCH

The typically apolitical James Corden took time out of his show on Tuesday to address President Donald Trump and his administration’s seeming disregard for the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The Late Late Show host spoke with a heavy heart, as he addressed the news that six of the 18 members on Trump’s HIV/AIDS council had resigned because the president “simply does not care” about the epidemic. Citing further proof, Corden pointed out that the website for the Office of National AIDS Policy was taken down on the day that POTUS took office. What’s more, “he has proposed changes to health care, which if they were to happen, would devastate all marginalized Americans who are living with HIV and AIDS.”

Acknowledging that it’s easy for this story to get lost amid the Russia investigation, Corden stressed that “it is important to remember that [Trump] is still the president of the United States, and it’s still his job to take action on issues” such as this one. And with that, Corden and his staff took it upon themselves to educate the president, purchasing every copy of the Tom Hanks/Denzel Washington film Philadelphia that they could find online and mailing them to a location where Trump has been known to spend a weekend or two since taking office.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Corden’s desperate plea to POTUS, then sound off below.